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Notice given 14 March 2003

1264  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—In relation to media reports on 5 and 6 March 2003 that Defence had cancelled all advertising with student publications:

(1) Has all advertising been cancelled, or just advertising with certain student publications; if only certain student publications are affected by this decision, can the names of the publications be provided.

(2) Who took the decision to cancel advertising with student publications.

(3) When was the decision to cancel advertising with student publications taken.

(4) Why was the decision taken to cancel the advertising with student publications.

(5) Prior to the decision to cancel advertising in student publications, in how many of these publications did Defence advertise.

(6) Can a list be provided of all educational institutions that had student publications containing Defence advertising prior to the decision to cancel such advertising.

(7) When did Defence start using advertising in student publications.

(8) How much has Defence spent in each of the past 5 financial years on advertisements in student publications.

(9) For what purpose does Defence advertise in student publications, is it solely for recruitment or are there other reasons; if so, can of list of the other reasons be provided.

(10) Does Defence keep records of how successful advertising in student publications is in attracting new recruits; if so, can information be provided on how many applicants over the past 5 financial years responded to advertisements in student publications.

1265  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—

(1) With reference to the answer to question no. 6 taken on notice during the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee’s supplementary estimates hearings on 21 November 2002, was the ‘direction from the Government’ to introduce a new process to prevent the concealment of claims by Australian Defence Force (ADF) members under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 from the Department of Defence, made by the Minister for Defence, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, or the Prime Minister.

(2) Does the answer contradict that given by the department on 21 November 2002 that the Privacy Act 1988 prevented the department giving information on claims from serving members of the ADF to the Department of Defence.

(3) Does the answer also contradict the answer given to part (1) of question on notice no. 1011 (Senate Hansard , 4 February 2003, p. 8486).

(4) Was legal advice sought to clarify the matter; if so: (a) from whom; and (b) can a copy of this advice be provided.

(5) Was advice sought from the Privacy Commissioner; if so: (a) was the advice in writing; and (b) can a copy of this advice be provided.

(6) Has agreement been reached with the Department of Defence on a new process for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to provide Defence with details of claims made or accepted under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act by serving personnel; if not, has a date been set to achieve this; if a date has not been set, why not.

(7) Has the Department of Defence sought information on such claims since 5 January 2003; if so, has a response containing the details been provided.

(8) Are liabilities for compensation granted to serving ADF members included in the total compensation liability incurred under the Act for the Department of Defence in relation to the ADF; if so, what is the estimated current liability for: (a) all veterans; (b) all ex-service personnel with defence service only; and (c) all current serving ADF personnel receiving payments for: (i) defence service injuries, and (ii) operational service injuries.

(9) What is the total estimated current liability for compensation payments for service-related injury and illness accepted under the Military Compensation Scheme, including its predecessor schemes.

1266  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—

(1) Has a mediator yet been chosen to settle the dispute over the cancelled contracts for the design of the London war memorial; if so: (a) who has been selected; (b) what is the estimated cost of the mediation required; (c) have the parties agreed; and (d) when is it expected that the matter will be settled.

(2) What sum is being sought by way of settlement by: (a) Mr Woodward; and (b) Artarch.

(3) What payments additional to the $227 500 already paid to Artarch, have been made beyond those outlined in the answer to question on notice no. 675 (Senate Hansard , 2 December 2002, p.6949).

(4) (a) What is the total sum which has now been paid to the former designers; and (b) what is the estimate of the total cost once settlement is reached.

(5) Have additional funds been sought to replace those lost on the cancelled contracts; if not, what changes have been made to the specifications to bring the project in on budget.

(6) What is the total sum spent on the project so far.

(7) Who has been awarded the new contract, and at what price.

(8) Was the new designer chosen as the result of competitive tender; if so, how many proposals were considered.

(9) How many other contracts have been let, and at what individual cost, for design and other services.

(10) What is the current process for selecting a construction contractor.

(11) (a) What is the estimated cost of construction within the existing budget; and (b) how does that differ from the original estimate that formed part of the budget proposal.

(12) Who will be responsible for: (a) selecting the construction contractor; and (b) overseeing the work.

(13) Can it be confirmed that the granite chosen is from Western Australia; if so, what is the cost of: (a) supply; and (b) shipment to the United Kingdom.

(14) How many other suppliers of stone were considered, and why was the selected supplier chosen.

(15) What charges and costs incurred by the Westminster City Council will be met from the budget.

(16) What costs have been factored into the costs for travel by the design consultants and Office of Australian War Graves staff.

(17) What is the contribution from the UK Government.

(18) (a) What provision has been made for ongoing maintenance costs; and (b) what is the annual estimate and source of funds.

(19) Will the engraving of town names be undertaken in Australia or in the UK; if Australia, what will be the process for selecting the engraver.

(20) What is the estimated cost of engraving.

(21) Has the New Zealand Government sought to join the project; if so, what has been the response.