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Notice given 10 March 2003

1254  Senator Faulkner: To ask the Minister representing the Prime Minister—As at 1 March 2003, what is: (a) the term of appointment; and (b) the date of expiry of the appointment, of each departmental secretary and each head of a Commonwealth agency.

1262  Senator Ferris: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs—

(1) Recent media articles have suggested that the Namatjira Avenue Housing Commission settlement near Dareton in New South Wales has encountered further economic difficulties with few employment opportunities particularly for young people. The Minister would be aware that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission established this community as a model example of new opportunities in Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander living: (a) Does the Minister agree that there appears to be a substantial breakdown in community standards, law and order and work opportunities; (b) is Dareton an isolated instance of the problems that can arise in those Aboriginal communities that are some distance from non-indigenous centres and that have limited employment opportunities; and (c) are there any special measures that the Federal Government can take to assist with the problems in settlements such as Dareton.

(2) Given that the Australian Bureau of Statistics report on Housing and Infrastructure in Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Communities has revealed that there are 1 216 remote indigenous communities in Australia and that many of these settlements are in desperate need of infrastructure such as housing, education and health: Are there any measures being considered by the Federal Government to assist these small and often remote aboriginal communities.