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Notice given 4 March 2003

370  Senator Nettle: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes the comments of the British Prime Minister (Mr Blair) regarding the detention of British nationals in Camp X-Ray, Guantanemo Bay, Cuba, that, ‘it is an irregular situation and certainly we would want to try to bring it to an end as swiftly as possible’;

(b) notes that Australian citizens Mr David Hicks and Mr Mamdouh Habib remain incarcerated in Camp X-Ray without having been charged or brought before the courts for trial;

(c) expresses ongoing concern at the shameful lack of action from the Government regarding this situation; and

(d) reiterates its call on the Australian Government as a matter or urgency to take whatever steps are required to return both Mr Hicks and Mr Habib to Australia to determine whether they should be freed or face trial, as is their right.

371  Senator Nettle: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes the remarks of the Prime Minister (Mr Howard) that bulk-billing was never intended to be a universal scheme and that the Government could not afford to provide universal free coverage for all Australians;

(b) condemns the Prime Minister for seeking to return Australia to an age of charity for the ‘less fortunate’, in place of guaranteeing good quality health care for all Australians irrespective of their ability to pay; and

(c) calls on the Government to examine ways to fund a universal scheme, starting with abolishing the private health insurance rebate.