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Notice given 3 March 2003

355  Senator Allison: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and the National Cancer Institute (USA) draft report estimates that 11 000 people died from cancers relating to nuclear testing during the Cold War,

(ii) this new study considers the health effects of nuclear detonations, including those done in foreign countries, between 1951 and 1962, when open-air testing was banned, and concludes that radioactive fallout from the Cold War nuclear testing exposed virtually everyone in the United States and contributed to cancer deaths; and

(b) urges the Federal Government to contact servicemen who are found in the current Australian health study to have been exposed to high levels of radiation, for the purpose of assessing their health condition and providing medical services.

Notice of motion altered on 5 March 2003 pursuant to standing order 77.