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Notice given 19 February 2003

1170  Senator Harris: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—

(1) Does the year of manufacture of a vehicle determine what Australian Design Rules are applicable to that vehicle and, indeed, whether or not the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 applies to that vehicle.

(2) Does the department nominate a year of manufacture for each vehicle for which an import approval is issued.

(3) Why does the department have no formal guidelines to check this date is correct.

(4) If this year of manufacture is incorrect, is not the department guilty of issuing a false and misleading document (certificate).

(5) Does the import approval nominate the compliance plate approval (CPA) holder who has agreed to comply that vehicle.

(6) Is this agreement binding on both the vehicle importer and CPA holder.

(7) What procedures does the department have in place to ensure the CPA holder can abide by this agreement.

(8) What compensation will the department offer to those who have imported vehicles, based on an agreement confirmed by the department, which is not able to be fulfilled.

(9) (a) Why has the department never issued warnings that details on the import approvals it issues may be incorrect and should not be relied on; and (b) why have departmental officers issued contrary advice that import approvals cannot be changed once issued and that details contained therein must be abided by.

(10) Given that two of the most important details on an import approval (year of manufacture and CPA holder) may be incorrect, why does the department bother issuing these documents.