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Notice given 6 November 2002

840  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1) (a) How many Reservists are there currently in Victoria; and (b) how many of these are: (i) Active Reservists, (ii) Inactive Reservists, and (iii) High Readiness Reservists.

(2) What were the equivalent figures as at: (a) 30 June 2002; (b) 30 June 2001; and (c) 30 June 2000.

(3) (a) How many Victorian Reservists are health specialists, for example, nurses, general practitioners, medical specialists, paramedics etc.: (i) currently, (ii) as at 30 June 2002, (iii) as at 30 June 2001, and (iv) as at 30 June 2000; and (b) what definition of health specialist was used in answering this question.

(4) How many Victorian Reservists that are health specialists are: (a) Active Reservists; (b) Inactive Reservists; and (c) High Readiness Reservists.

(5) (a) How many Reservists were deployed to Bali as part of the emergency response effort after the 12 October 2002 bombing; and (b) what were the numbers from each state and territory.

(6) Can the Minister confirm that Reservists cannot be posted or redeployed by Defence to another unit in Australia, that is, other than by applying for transfer.

(7) (a) How many Victorian Reservists applied for discharge in each of the following financial years: (i) 1999-2000, (ii) 2000-01, and (iii) 2001-02; and (b) of these, how many were health specialists (using the same definition outlined in the answer to question (3)).

(8) (a) How many Victorian Reservists have applied for discharge since 30 June 2002; and (b) of these, how many are health specialists (using the same definition outlined in answer to question (3)).

(9) How many Reservists are or were attached to RAAF6 Hospital: (a) currently; (b) as at 30 June 2002; (c) as at 30 June 2001; and (d) as at 30 June 2000.