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Notice given 9 September 2002

624  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—With reference to the Air 5077 Project:

(1) To date, what is the price growth that has occurred in relation to this project as a result of the annual indexation of prices.

(2) To date, what is the total increase in cost related to foreign exchange movements.

(3) To date, what is the total value of price variation payments made under this contract (if possible indicate separately the value of foreign exchange related variations and price growth variations).

(4) What currency was specified in the contract.

(5) If the contract is in a currency other than the Australian dollar: (a) what was the original value of the contract in that currency when the contract was signed; and (b) what was the exchange rate for the relevant currency on the date the contract was signed.

(6) If the contract is in Australian dollars: (a) what provisions does it include in relation to foreign currency movements; and (b) is the value of the contract tied to a particular foreign currency; if so, which currency.