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Notice given 23 October 2002

823  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General—

(1) How many offences under the Copyright Act 1968 relating to piracy have resulted in:  (a) a conviction;  (b) a maximum penalty fine of $65 000 being imposed; and (c) imprisonment.

(2) Can information be provided on individual cases where prosecution of these crimes have led to conviction, financial penalties and/or imprisonment.

(3) In cases where piracy was found to have occurred, what happened to the copying devices used to pirate movies and/or sound recordings

(4) In each conviction for piracy of movies and/or sound recordings, did the Director of Public Prosecutions make a submission on behalf of the Government during the trial, or sentencing phase, which requested that the court take into consideration the quantity and value of the items seized; if so, what was the court’s comment or finding in each case in relation to this submission.

824  Senator Hutchins: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Ageing—

(1) How many nursing homes are currently in operation in the Blue Mountains region in New South Wales.

(2) What is the present capacity of these homes.

(3) Are there any vacancies in these homes.

(4) Are there any plans for more homes to operate in this region.

(5) What locations might be suitable, and supported by the community, for any future nursing homes in the region.

(6) What number of nursing home bed licences are granted by the department in the region.

825  Senator Hutchins: To ask the Minister for Defence—With reference to the proposed development of the Defence-owned site within the North Penrith Urban Area:

(1) Is the Minister aware of recent public comments from the Member for Lindsay (Mrs Jackie Kelly) that the current master plan, on public exhibition, for the development of the site does not achieve its full potential and that, consequently, the site should be developed for some form of ‘Business Park’ to replace the current plan.

(2) In light of these comments, can the Minister confirm whether or not the land uses for the site contained in the master plan are acceptable to the Commonwealth.