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Notice given 21 October 2002

820  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General—With reference to the announcement of Westside Community Lawyers as the successful tender to provide community legal services:

(1) How much funding has Westside Community Lawyers received from the Federal Government from l July 2002 to the date of its successful tender application.

(2) Of the Community Legal Centres which service South Australia, which centres receive funding from the federal Government, and how much is allocated to each centre.

(3) Will funding be allocated to advise consumers in smaller towns, including Whyalla and Crystal Brook, of the services provided by Westside Community Lawyers; if so, how much; if not, how will residents of rural communities learn of the service.

(4) When the outreach service visits smaller towns such as Whyalla and Crystal Brook, for how many hours will it be open.

(5) Does the service provided by Westside Community Lawyers also include a regional law hotline service; if so, is there additional funding for this service; if not, is there another group that offers a regional law hotline service in the area.