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Unless otherwise shown, appointed for life of 45th Parliament


Pursuant to standing orders

AGRICULTURE AND WATER RESOURCES: Mr R. J. Wilson ( Chair ), Ms Swanson ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broad, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Keogh, Mrs Marino, Mr Pasin, Mr Ramsey.

Current inquiries:

Pesticide and veterinary medicine regulatory reform.

Superannuation fund investment in agriculture.

APPROPRIATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Ms Owens ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Hart, Mr Hayes, Mrs Marino, Mr R. G. Mitchell, Mr Morton, Mr Ramsey, Mr van Manen.

COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTS: Mr Howarth ( Chair ), Mr Watts ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broad, Ms Flint, Ms Henderson, Ms McBride, Ms Templeman, Mr R. J. Wilson.

ECONOMICS: Ms Henderson ( Chair ), Mr Thistlethwaite ( Deputy Chair ),  Mr Bandt, Ms Banks, Mr Buchholz, Mr Evans, Mr Falinski, Ms Kearney, Mr C. Kelly, Mr Keogh.

Current inquiries:

Barriers to investment.

Review of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Annual Report 2017.

Review of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Annual Report 2017.

Review of the four major banks.

Review of the Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2017 .

EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Mr Laming ( Chair ), Ms T. M. Butler ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Evans, Mr Falinski, Mr Giles, Mr O’Connor, Mr O’Dowd, Mrs Sudmalis, Mr Wallace. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiry:

Funding Australia’s research.

ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY: Mr Broad ( Chair ), Mr Conroy ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Entsch, Mr Evans, Mr Howarth, Mr C. Kelly, Mr Khalil, Ms Stanley.

Current inquiry:

Commonwealth environmental water.

HEALTH, AGED CARE AND SPORT: Mr Zimmerman ( Chair ), Mr Georganas ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Freelander, Mr Laming, Ms M. L. Landry, Mrs Wicks, Mr T. R. Wilson, Mr Zappia.

Current inquiries:

Biotoxin illnesses.

Quality of care in residential aged care facilities in Australia.

HOUSE: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Hayes, Mrs Marino, Mr Perrett, Mr Ramsey, Ms Ryan, Mr van Manen.

INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS: Mrs Sudmalis ( Chair ), Mr Snowdon ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Claydon, Ms M. M. H. King, Mr Ted O’Brien, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mr R. J. Wilson. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiry:

The growing presence of inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘style’ art and craft products and merchandise for sale across Australia.

INDUSTRY, INNOVATION, SCIENCE AND RESOURCES: Mr Joyce ( Chair ), Mr Gosling ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Christensen, Mr Khalil, Ms M. L. Landry, Mr B. K. Mitchell, Mr Ted O’Brien, Mr T. R. Wilson.

Current inquiry:

Mining sector.

INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND CITIES: Mr Alexander ( Chair ), Ms Bird ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Entsch, Mr Gee, Mr Giles, Ms McBride, Ms McGowan, Mr Ted O’Brien, Mr Wallace, Mr Zimmerman. (Mrs Sudmalis to be a supplementary member for the purpose of the inquiry into the development of cities.)

Current inquiry:

Development of cities.

PETITIONS: Mrs Wicks ( Chair ), Mrs Elliot ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Buchholz, Mr Georganas, Mr Morton, Mr O’Dowd.  ( Member to be appointed )

PRIVILEGES AND MEMBERS’ INTERESTS: Mr Vasta ( Chair ), Mr Conroy ( Deputy Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Giles, Mr Goodenough, Mr Irons, Ms M. L. Landry, Mrs Marino, Mr Snowdon, Mr Swan.

PROCEDURE: Mr Pasin ( Chair ), Mr Dick ( Deputy Chair ), Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Gee, Mr Goodenough, Mr Irons, Ms Ryan.

Current inquiry:

Maintenance of the Standing Orders.

PUBLICATIONS: Mr Christensen ( Chair ), Ms M. M. H. King ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Conroy, Mr Falinski, Mrs Marino, Ms Stanley, Mr Vasta.

SELECTION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Georganas, Mr Hayes, Ms M. L. Landry, Mrs Marino, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mr Perrett, Mr Ramsey, Mr Robert, Ms Ryan, Mr van Manen.

SOCIAL POLICY AND LEGAL AFFAIRS: Ms Banks ( Chair ), Ms Claydon ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Christensen, Mr Entsch, Mr Falinski, Dr Freelander, Ms Husar, Mr T. R. Wilson.

Current inquiry:

Local adoption.

TAX AND REVENUE: Mr Falinski ( Chair ), Ms Owens ( Deputy Chair ), Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Dick, Ms Flint, Mr Hartsuyker, Mr Leeser, Mr van Manen.

Current inquiries:

Taxpayer engagement with the tax system.

2016-17 Annual Report of the Australian Taxation Office.


INTERGENERATIONAL WELFARE DEPENDENCE:  ( Formed 24 May 2018 ): Mr Broadbent ( Chair ), Mr Conroy ( Deputy Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Ms Bird, Mr Morton, Mr Ramsey, Mr van Manen. ( Member to be appointed ) ( To report by 12 April 2019. )

REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND DECENTRALISATION: ( Formed 1 June 2017 ): Mr Drum ( Chair ), Ms Swanson ( Deputy Chair ), Ms L. M. Chesters, Mr Jones, Mrs Marino, Ms McGowan, Mr Pasin, Mr Ramsey. ( Members to be appointed ) ( Final report presented 28 June 2018; Committee dissolved. )

Joint Select

CONSTITUTIONAL RECOGNITION RELATING TO ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER PEOPLES: ( Formed 19 March 2018 ): Mr Leeser ( Chair ), Senator Dodson ( Chair ), Ms Burney, Senator Duniam, Ms Ley, Senator McCarthy, Ms McGowan, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Senator Siewert, Mr Snowdon, Senator Stoker. ( To report on 29 November 2018. )

GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT: ( Formed 1 December 2016 ): Senator Xenophon ( Chair ), Senator Kitching ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Goodenough, Ms Ley, Ms Sharkie, Ms Swanson, Mr Zappia, Senator Abetz, Senator Bushby, Senator Carr ( Final report presented 8 August 2017; Committee dissolved. )

OVERSIGHT OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF REDRESS RELATED RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE ROYAL COMMISSION INTO INSTITUTIONAL RESPONSES TO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: ( Formed 20 June 2017 ): Senator Hinch ( Chair ), Ms Claydon ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Dick, Mr Irons, Mrs Sudmalis, Senator Duniam, Senator Moore, Senator Siewert. ( To report on 29 November 2018. )

Joint Statutory

AUSTRALIAN COMMISSION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT INTEGRITY: Senator McKenzie ( Chair ), Senator Bilyk ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Buchholz, Mrs Elliot, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mr Zappia, Senator Bushby, Senator O’Sullivan, Senator  Watt.

Current inquiry:

Integrity of Australia’s border arrangements.

BROADCASTING OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS: The Speaker ( Chairman ), The President ( Vice-Chairman ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Ms Bird, Mr Christensen, Ms Templeman, Mr Vasta, Senator Bushby, Senator Farrell.

CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: Mr Irons ( Chair ), Senator O’Neill ( Deputy Chair ) , Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Falinski, Mr Keogh, Mr van Manen, Senator Hume, Senator Ketter , Senator Williams, Senator Whish-Wilson .

Current inquiries:

Operation and effectiveness of the Franchising Code of Conduct.

Options for greater involvement by private sector life insurers in worker rehabilitation.

Oversight of ASIC, the Takeovers Panel and the Corporations Legislation No. 1 of the 45th Parliament.

HUMAN RIGHTS: Mr Goodenough ( Chair ), Mr Perrett ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Ms M. M. H. King, Mr Leeser, Senator Brown, Senator Gichuhi, Senator McKim, Senator Moore, Senator Paterson.

INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY: Mr Hastie ( Chair ), Mr Byrne ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Dreyfus, Dr M. J. Kelly, Mr Leeser, Mr Wood, Senator Abetz, Senator Bushby, Senator Fawcett, Senator McAllister, Senator Wong.

Current inquiries:

Review of Administration and Expenditure No. 16 (2016-17).

Review of the identity-matching Bills.

Review of the Office of National Intelligence Bills.

Review of the listing of Jemaah Anshorut Daulah and Jama’at Mujahideen Bangladesh as terrorist organisations under the Criminal Code.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Mr C. Kelly ( Chair ), Senator Singh ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Aly, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Ms O’Neil, Mr Wood, Senator Abetz, Senator Colbeck, Senator Keneally. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Illicit tobacco.

The impact of new and emerging information and communications technology.

Theft and export of motor vehicles and parts.

Trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn.

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT: Senator Smith ( Chair ), Mr Hill ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Brodtmann, Ms Flint, Mr Gee, Mr Hart, Ms M. M. H. King, Mr Laming, Ms Ley, Mrs Marino, Senator Abetz, Senator Ketter, Senator McAllister, Senator Patrick, Senator Stoker. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Australian Government funding.

Australian Government security arrangements.

Commonwealth contracting.

Commonwealth financial statements.

Commonwealth procurement.

Defence first principles review and naval construction.

Foreign investment obligations in residential real estate.

Mental health in the Australian Federal Police.

2016-17 Defence Major Projects Report.

PUBLIC WORKS: Mr Buchholz ( Chair ), Mr Zappia ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Goodenough, Mr Hill, Ms Ryan, Senator Gallacher, Senator Stoker, Mr Wallace, Senator Williams.

Current inquiries:

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence capability facilities project.

Jindalee operational radar network phase 6 facilities project.

Point Wilson, Victoria—Point Wilson waterside infrastructure remediation project.

Joint Standing

ELECTORAL MATTERS: Senator Reynolds ( Chair ), Mr Giles ( Deputy   Chair ), Mr Buchholz, Mr Dick, Mr Morton, Mrs Wicks, Senator Brown, Senator Ketter, Senator O’Sullivan, Senator Rhiannon.

Current inquiries:

Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Lowering Voting Age and Increasing Voter Participation) Bill 2018.

Conduct of the 2016 federal election and matters related thereto.

Cyber interference in the spotlight.

Review of the Australian Electoral Commission’s Annual Report 2016-17.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS, DEFENCE AND TRADE: Senator Fawcett ( Chair ), Mr Champion ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Aly, Mr K. J. Andrews, Ms Claydon, Mr Crewther, Mr Danby, Mr C. Kelly, Ms M. M. H. King, Mr Laming, Ms Ley, Mr Ted O’Brien, Mr Perrett, Mr Ramsey, Mr Snowdon, Mrs Sudmalis, Ms Vamvakinou, Mr van Manen, Mr Wallace, Mr Zimmerman, Senator Gallacher, Senator Kitching, Senator Macdonald, Senator McCarthy, Senator Molan, Senator Moore, Senator Reynolds, Senator Rhiannon, Senator Singh, Senator Smith. ( Members to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Aid program outcomes.

Australia’s trade and investment relationship with the United Kingdom.

Benefits and risks of a Bipartisan Australian Defence Agreement.

Freedom of religion or belief.

Human organ trafficking and organ transplant tourism.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances contamination in and around Defence bases.

Review of the Defence Annual Report 2016-17.

Support provided to access free trade agreements by small to medium sized enterprises.

Transition from the Australian Defence Force.

MIGRATION: Mr Wood ( Chair ), Ms Vamvakinou ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Georganas, Mr Neumann, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mr Vasta, Senator Keneally,  Senator McKim, Senator Molan, Senator Paterson.

Current inquiries:

Australian migration agents.

Visa cancellation process.

NATIONAL BROADBAND NETWORK: Ms Ley ( Chair ), Vacant ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broad, Ms Brodtmann, Mr Howarth, Mr Jones, Ms McGowan, Mr B.K. Mitchell, Ms Templeman, Mrs Wicks, Senator Georgiou, Senator Griff, Senator Hume, Senator Ketter, Senator O’Neill, Senator Smith, Senator Steele-John, Senator Urquhart.

NATIONAL CAPITAL AND EXTERNAL TERRITORIES: Mr Morton ( Chair ), Ms Brodtmann ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Hogan, Mr Leeser, Ms Ley, Mr Snowdon, Senator Duniam, Senator Lines, Senator McCarthy, Senator Paterson, Senator Rhiannon. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Light rail.

National institutions.

Review of the National Capital Authority: Biannual Public Briefings.

NATIONAL DISABILITY INSURANCE SCHEME: Mr K. J. Andrews ( Chair ), Senator Gallacher ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Husar, Ms Macklin, Mrs Sudmalis, Mr Wallace, Senator Brockman, Senator Brown, Senator Duniam, Senator Steele-John.

Current inquiries:

General issues around the implementation and performance of the NDIS.

Market readiness.

NORTHERN AUSTRALIA: Mr Entsch ( Chair ), Mr Snowdon ( Deputy Chair ), Ms M. L. Landry, Ms O’Toole, Senator Bartlett, Senator Dodson, Senator Macdonald, Senator McCarthy, Senator Smith. ( Member to be appointed )

PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY: Mr Ramsey ( Chair ), Senator Lines ( Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Byrne, Dr Freelander, Ms Stanley, Mr van Manen, Mr Zimmerman, Senator Brockman, Senator Duniam, Senator Gichuhi, Senator Moore. ( Member to be appointed )

Trade and investment growth : Mr O’Dowd ( Chair ), Mr Hart ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Khalil, Mr R. J. Wilson, Mr T. R. Wilson, Senator Abetz, Senator Chisholm, Senator Colbeck, Senator Watt. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiry:

The trade system and the digital economy.

TREATIES: Mr Robert ( Chair ), Mr Danby ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Alexander, Mr Crewther, Mr Hart, Mrs Marino, Ms Templeman, Mr Vasta, Mr Wallace, Senator Brockman, Senator Fawcett, Senator Hanson-Young, Senator Keneally,  Senator Kitching, Senator Macdonald, Senator McAllister.

Current inquiries:

EU Framework Agreement.

Oil Stocks—Netherlands.

Peru FTA.

Scientific Technical Cooperation—Brazil.

Scientific Technical Cooperation—Italy.

Timor Treaty—Maritime Boundaries.


WIPO Patent Office.






NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF AUSTRALIA ADVISORY COUNCIL: Mrs Prentice ( appointed 20 March 2017, for a period of 3 years ).

COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA: Mr Leeser ( appointed 10 November 2016, for a period of 3 years ).

PARLIAMENTARY RETIRING ALLOWANCES TRUST: Mr Entsch ( appointed 15 September 2016 ); Mr Fitzgibbon ( appointed 19 October 2010 ).






By Authority of the House of Representatives