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Nos 823, 825, 864, 893, 908, 931-943, 945-946, 948-957, 960-964.


9 May 2018

  *965    Ms Sharkie : To ask the Minister for the Environment and Energy—

(1)         Given the Threatened Species Scientific Committee stated that the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) listed scalloped hammerhead meets the criteria for endangered, why did the Minister list this shark as Conservation Dependent.

(2)         How does the Government plan to ensure further decline of the scalloped hammerhead will not occur if a review of the Conservation Dependent listing will not occur until 2023.

(3)         Given the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the smooth and great hammerhead sharks as Endangered and Vulnerable respectively, why did he not follow the EPBC Act’s precautionary principle and list these sharks as lookalike species for the scalloped hammerhead and include them on the Australian threatened species list.

(4)         Why has the Government sought to amend the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Amendment (Hammerhead Shark) Regulations 2018 to remove targeted fishing protections for the scalloped hammerhead in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

(5)         Why did the Government not require the adoption of fishing management arrangements known as the ‘fins-attached’ policy for the scalloped hammerhead prior to updating its listing.

  *966    Mrs Elliot : To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Communications—

1)           In respect of the NBN rollout in the electoral division of Richmond, will the Minister advise a) when the Government will abandon fibre to the node, b) when the Government will commit to providing fibre to the curb for all residents as a minimum technology, c) how the Government will manage the surge of NBN complaints being received by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, d) when the Government will ensure that all NBN customers can receive a speed of 100 megabits per second, and e) how the Government will stem the cost to businesses caused by inefficiencies of the NBN.

2)           In respect of the electoral division of Richmond, a) how many premises are connected to the NBN (reported separately by suburb), and b) how many premises were connected to the NBN in i) 2014, ii) 2015, iii) 2016, iv) 2017, and v) 2018 (reported separately by suburb).

3)           How many NBN complaints were received from constituents in the electoral division of Richmond, a) by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, and b) at the office of the Minister for Communications, in i) 2014, ii) 2015, iii) 2016, iv) 2017, and v) 2018, (reported separately by suburb and nature of complaint).

  *967    Ms Sharkie : To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Indigenous Affairs—

(1)         In respect of the Government’s commitment to the ongoing support of the Indigenous Ranger Program, why has the Indigenous Ranger contract period reduced to three years from the previous five year contract length, which was in line with the funding period for Indigenous Protected Areas on which many rangers work.

(2)         In respect of the Government’s announcement of Indigenous Ranger contract extensions to 2021, and the deadline of current contracts ending on 30 June, will there be consultation and negotiation with Indigenous Ranger groups on the terms of the contracts as happened when the program was delivered through the Department of Environment.

  *968    Ms Sharkie : To ask the Minister for the Environment and Energy—In respect of his answer to question in writing No. 826 (House Hansard , 7 December 2017, page 13214), in which the Minister said that contract negotiations for Indigenous Protected Areas would commence early in 2018, and given that it is now early May, the contract negotiations have not yet begun and the current contracts end in June 2018, could the Minister advise when the Government will deliver funding contracts to the organisations managing Indigenous Protected Areas.






                                                                                   David Elder

                                                                                            Clerk of the House of Representatives