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18 November 2013

* 3  MS MACTIERNAN: To ask the Minister for Communications—

(1) What is the contractual status of the National Broadband Network construct ion in (a) Ashfield, (b) Bassendean, (c) Beechboro, (d) Eden Hill, (e) Kiara, (f) Lockridge, and (g) Morley, and does this status reflect the construction rollout plan published by NBN Co. Limited in April 2013.

(2) What information does NBN Co. Limited or any Government agency under the Minister’s direction have regarding the condition of the copper wire network in (a) Ashfield, (b) Bassendean, (c) Bayswater, (d) Bedford, (e) Beechboro, (f) Dianella, (g) East Perth, (h) Eden Hill, (i) Embleton, (j) Highgate, (k) Inglewood, (l) Kiara, (m) Lockridge, (n) Maylands, (o) Morley, (p) Mt Lawley, (q) Noranda, (r) North Perth, (s) Northbridge, (t) Perth, and (u) West Perth.




Clerk of the House of Representatives