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22 September 2008

344  DR STONE: To ask the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts—

(1) Did he assure the House on 16 September 2008 that there would be no allocations of water to the North-South Melbourne pipeline which have already been allocated to the Living Murray system or Water for Rivers initiative .

(2) Is he aware that a spokesperson for the Victorian Water Minister was reported on 15 September 2008 as saying that Melbourne will receive 75 gigalitres of water in 2010 from existing savings from projects in the Goulburn Valley that are funded by the Living Murray initiative.

(3) Is he aware that the Victorian Government’s Water Authority, Goulburn-Murray Water, clearly states on its website that the expected water savings from both the Central Goulburn 1234 Modernisation Project and Shepparton Modernisation Project are earmarked for the Living Murray initiative.

(4) Will he confirm that no water will be diverted to Melbourne via the pipeline which has been identified for the Living Murray or Water for Rivers initiatives; and if not from the environment reserve in Eildon, the Living Murray and Water for Rivers savings initiatives, does he know from where the Victorian Government will get the water for Melbourne; if so, from where.