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Unless otherwise shown, appointed for life of 42nd Parliament


Pursuant to standing orders

ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER AFFAIRS: Mr Marles ( Chair ), Mr Laming ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Abbott, Ms Campbell, Mr Katter, Ms Rea, Mr K. J.Thomson, Mr Trevor, Mr Turnour, Mrs Vale.

Current inquiry:

Remote community stores .

CLIMATE CHANGE, WATER, ENVIRONMENT AND THE ARTS : Ms George ( Chair ), Dr Washer ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Cobb, Mrs D'Ath, Mr Dreyfus, Mrs Irwin, Ms Livermore, Ms Marino, Mr Scott, Mr Zappia.

Current inquiries:

Climate change and environmental impacts on coastal communities .

Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Bill 2008.

COMMUNICATIONS: Ms Neal (Chair), Mrs Hull ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Billson, Mr Bradbury, Ms Collins, Mr Georganas, Mr Irons, Mr Lindsay, Ms Rea, Ms Rishworth.

Current inquiry:

International mobile roaming issues.

ECONOMICS: Mr C. R. Thomson ( Chair ), Mr Andrews ( Deputy Chair ), Ms J. Bishop, Mr Bradbury, Mr Hockey, Ms Jackson, Mr Marles, Ms Owens, Mr A. D. H. Smith, Mr Turnour.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Ms Bird ( Chair ), Dr Jensen ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Clare, Ms Collins, Mrs D'Ath, Mr Irons, Mr Oakeshott, Mr Sidebottom, Dr Southcott, Mr Zappia.

Current in quiries:

Combining study and work.

Review of the Department of Education, Science and Training’s Annual Report 2006-2007.

EMPLOYMENT AND WORKPLACE RELATIONS : Ms Jackson ( Chair ), Mr Haase ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Bird, Ms Hall, Mr Hayes, Mr Keenan, Mr Marles, Mr Ramsey, Dr Southcott, Mr Symon.

Current inquiry:

P ay equity and associated issues related to increasing female participation in the workforce.

FAMILY, COMMUNITY, HOUSING AND YOUTH: Ms A. L. Ellis ( Chair ), Mrs Moylan ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Abbott, Ms Campbell, Ms Collins, Ms Livermore, Mrs Mirabella, Mr Morrison, Mr Raguse, Mr Trevor.

Current inquiry:

Better support for carers.

HEALTH AND AGEING: Mr Georganas ( Chair ), Mr Irons ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Bidgood, Mr Briggs, Mr Coulton, Ms Hall, Mrs Irwin, Ms King, Mrs May, Ms Rishworth.

Current inquiry:

Obesity in Aust ralia.

HOUSE: The Speaker, Mr Broadbent, Mr Hayes, Ms Marino, Mr Price, Ms Saffin, Mr Somlyay.

INDUSTRY, SCIENCE AND INNOVATION : Ms Vamvakinou ( Chair ), Fran Bailey ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Bidgood, Mr Champion, Mr Cheeseman, Dr Jensen, Mr Johnson, Mr Ramsey, Ms Rishworth, Mr Symon.

INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT, REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Ms King ( Chair ), Mr Neville ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Campbell, Mr Cheeseman, Mr Clare, Mrs Gash, Mr Raguse, Mr Randall, Mr Robb, Mr Sullivan. (Mr Windsor to be a supplementary member for the purpose of the inquiry into a new regional development funding program.)

Current inquiry:

New regional development funding program.

LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL AFFAIRS: Mr Dreyfus ( Chair ), Mr Slipper ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Andrews, Mr Butler, Mr Georgiou, Mr Melham, Mrs Mirabella, Ms Neal, Mr Neumann, Mr Perrett.

Current inquiries:

Disability access standards.

W histleblowing protections within the Australian Government public sector.

PETITIONS: Mrs Irwin ( Chair ), Mr Broadbent ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Adams, Mr Chester, Ms George, Mr Hawke, Mr Neumann, Mr Simpkins, Mr C. R. Thomson, Ms Vamvakinou.

Current inquiry:

Electronic petitioning.

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES AND RESOURCES: Mr Adams ( Chair ), Mr Schultz ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Bidgood, Mr Champion, Mr Forrest, Mr Haase, Ms Livermore, Mr Perrett, Mr Sidebottom, Mr Windsor.

PRIVILEGES AND MEMBERS’ INTERESTS: Mr Raguse ( Chair ), Mr Tuckey ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs Gash, Mr Georganas, Ms George ( nominee of the Leader of the House ), Mr Georgiou ( nominee of the deputy Leader of the Opposition ), Mr Melham, Mr Price, Mr Randall, Mr Somlyay, Mr C. R. Thomson.

PROCEDURE: Ms Owens ( Chair ), Mr Somlyay ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Bird, Ms George, Mr Hawker, Mr Price, Dr Washer.

Current inquiries:

Conduct of the business of the House.

Mainten ance of the Standing Orders.

PUBLICATIONS: Mr Hayes ( Chair ), Mr Irons ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Coulton, Ms Hall, Mrs Hull, Mr Sidebottom, Mr Sullivan.

Joint St atutory

AUSTRALIAN COMMISSION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT INTEGRITY: Ms Parke ( Chair ), Senator Johnston ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Chester, Mr Clare, Mr Hayes, Ms Ley, Senator C. Brown, Senator Cameron, Senator Parry.

Current inquiry:

L aw enforcement integrity models.

AUSTRALIAN CRIME COMMISSION: Senator Hutchins ( Chair ), Mr Wood ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Champion, Mr Gibbons, Mr Hayes, Ms Ley, Senator Barnett, Senator Fielding, Senator Parry, Senator Polley.

Current inquiry:

L egislative arrangements to outlaw serious and organised crime groups.

BROADCASTING OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS: The Speaker, The President, Mr Hale, Mr Hawker, Mr Hayes, Mr Lindsay, Mr Price, Senator O'Brien, Senator Parry.

CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: Mr Ripoll ( Chair ), Senator Mason ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Grierson, Ms Owens, Mr Pearce, Mr Robert, Senator Arbib, Senator Boyce, Senator Marshall.

INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY: Mr Bevis ( Chair ), Mr Ruddock ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Dreyfus, Mrs Hull, Mr Melham, Mr Robb, Senator Coonan, Senator Forshaw, Senator Marshall, Senator McGauran.

Current inquiries:

Review of admini stration and expenditure No. 6 - Australian Intelligence Community.

Review of administration and expenditure No. 7 - Australian Intelligence Community.

Review of the re-listing of Abu Sayaf Group, Jamiat ul-Ansar and Al-Qa’ida in Iraq as terrorist organisations.

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT: Ms Grierson ( Chair ), Mr Georgiou ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Bevis, Mrs B. K. Bishop, Mr Bradbury, Mr Briggs, Mr Butler, Ms King, Mr Neumann, Mr Robert, Senator Bishop, Senator Boyce, Senator Bushby, Senator Feeney, Senator Lundy.

Current inquiry:

Review of Auditor-General’s reports.

PUBLIC WORKS: Mr Butler ( Chair ), Senator Troeth ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Champion, Mr Forrest, Mr Lindsay, Mr Slipper, Mr Price, Senator Bishop, Senator Forshaw.

Current inquiry:

Townsville, QLD—Enhanced Land Force Stage 1 facilities project, Lavarack Barracks and other Defence bases around Australia.

Joint Standing

ELECTORAL MATTERS : Mr Melham ( Chair ), Mr Morrison ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Danby, Mr Scott, Mr Sullivan, Senator Birmingham, Senator C. Brown, Senator R. Brown, Senator Hutchins, Senator Ronaldson.

Current inquiries:

Commonwealth Electoral (Above-the-Line Voting) Amendment Bill 2008.

Conduct of the 2007 Federal Election and matters related thereto.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS, DEFENCE AND TRADE: Senator Forshaw ( Chair ), Mr Hawker ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Baldwin, Mr Bevis, Mr Danby, Ms A. L. Ellis, Mr Gibbons, Ms Grierson, Mr Hale, Mr Macfarlane, Mrs Markus, Mrs Mirabella, Ms Parke, Ms Rea, Mr Ripoll, Mr Robert, Mr Ruddock, Ms Saffin, Mr Scott, Mr K. J. Thomson, Ms Vamvakinou, Senator Arbib, Senator Bishop, Senator Ferguson, Senator Fifield, Senator Hanson-Young, Senator Johnston, Senator Ludlam, Senator Moore, Senator O'Brien, Senator Payne, Senator Trood.

Current inquiries:

Australia’s trade and investment relations with A sia, the Pacific and Latin America.

Australia’s relationship with ASEAN.

Australia’s relationship with India.

Human rights mechanisms and the Asia-Pacific.

RAAF F-111 Deseal-Reseal workers and their families.

Review of the Department of Defence’s Annual Report 2006-2007.

MIGRATION : Mr Danby ( Chair ), Mrs Vale ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs D'Ath, Mr Georgiou, Dr Stone, Mr Zappia, Senator Bilyk, Senator Eggleston, Senator Hanson-Young, Senator McEwen.

NATIONAL CAPITAL AND EXTERNAL TERRITORIES: Senator Lundy ( Chair ), Mr Secker ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Adams, Ms A. E. Burke, Ms A. L. Ellis, Mr Neville, Mr Turnour, Senator Crossin, Senator Ferguson, Senator Humphries, Senator Joyce.

PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY: Mr Adams ( Joint Chair ), Senator Trood ( Joint Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Butler, Mr Hawker, Ms Jackson, Mrs Mirabella, Mr Perrett, Senator Barnett, Senator Bilyk, Senator Cameron, Senator Hutchins, Senator Fielding.

TREATIES: Mr K. J. Thomson ( Chair ), Senator McGauran ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Briggs, Mr Forrest, Ms Hall, Ms Neal, Ms Parke, Mr Simpkins, Mr Trevor, Ms Vamvakinou, Senator Birmingham, Senator Cash, Senator Farrell, Senator Ludlam, Senator Pratt, Senator Wortley.

Current inquiries:

N uclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

Treaties tabled 25 June 2008 (V&P, 25 June 2008, page 430).

Treaties tabled 26 November 2008 (V&P, 26 November 2008, page 740).

Treaty tabled 3 December 2008 (V&P, 3 December 2008, page 784).

Treaties tabled 4 December 2008 (V&P, 4 December 2008, page 793).