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SJ No 36 - 27 August 1968

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No. 36


1 M eeting of Senate: The Senate met at three p.m. pursuant to adjournment. The President (Senator the Honourable Sir Alister McMullin) took the Chair.


3 Standing O rders— Statement by President: The President referred to the dissent motion carried by the Senate against his ruling on Thursday, 22 August 1968, that, in compliance with Standing Order 448, an absolute majority was required for the suspension of the Standing Orders without notice. He advised the Senate of the anomalous position in which he was now placed, and stated that, until such time as

the Senate specifically altered the Standing Orders, he was obliged to continue to rule that they be complied with in their present form. The Leader of the Opposition (Senator Murphy) and the Minister for Supply (Senator Anderson), by leave, made statements relating to the statement of the President. Senator Anderson then moved, by leave—That the Senate take note of the Statement. Ordered—That the debate be adjourned till the next day of sitting, and that Senator

Anderson have leave to continue his speech on the resumption of the debate.

4 P etitions : Senator Cohen presented a petition signed by seven citizens of the Common­ wealth praying that Parliament will give earnest consideration during Human Rights Year to the repeal of the National Service Act 1951-1968. Petition received and read. Senator Wriedt presented a petition signed by 530 citizens of Tasmania praying that

Parliament will repeal the National Service Act 1968. Petition received and read.

5 Questions: Questions on notice were answered.

6 P ublic W orks C ommittee—R eports : Senator Prowse brought up the following Reports from the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works: Proposed provision of engineering services to Neighbourhood Unit No. 3, Casua- rina District, Darwin, Northern Territory.

Proposed extension of Pier Telephone Exchange, Perth, Western Australia. Senator Prowse, by leave, made a statement in connection with each Report.

176 No. 36— 27 August 1968

7 Papers: The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute: Air Force Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 1968, No. 90. Commonwealth Banks Act—Appointment—J. W. Trent. Defence Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 1968, Nos. 91, 96. Defence Forces Retirement Benefits Act—Regulation—Statutory Rules 1968, No.


Lands Acquisition Act—Right acquired for Post Office purposes—Campbelltown, South Australia. Naval Defence Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 1968, No. 95. Post and Telegraph Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 1968, No. 92. Public Service Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 1968, No. 93.

8 W ater Pollution—Select C ommittee : The President announced that he had received a letter from the Leader of the Australian Democratic Labor Party (Senator Gair) appointing Senator Byrne to the Select Committee on Water Pollution.

9 A boriginal Policy—M inisterial Statement: The Minister for Housing (Senator Dame Annabelle Rankin), by leave, made a statement acquainting the Senate of the results of recent discussions between the Minister-in-Charge of Aboriginal Affairs (Mr Went­ worth) and the State Ministers in charge of Aboriginal Affairs.

10 Postponement: Ordered, on the motion of the Minister for Supply (Senator Anderson)— That, after 8 p.m., intervening General Business be postponed until after the con­ sideration of Order of the Day No. 7, General Business.

11 N ew and Permanent Parliament H ouse Site: Senator Gair moved—That the Resolu­ tion of the Senate agreed to on Thursday, 22 August 1968, relating to the site of the new and permanent Parliament House, be communicated by Message to the House of Representatives. Question—put and passed.

12 C zechoslovakia— M inisterial Statement: Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion by the Minister for Supply (Senator Anderson)—That the Senate expresses its distress at and its abhorrence of the armed intervention in Czechoslovakia by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the East German regime, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria; condemns this action as a breach of the United Nations Charter and of accepted international conduct; calls for the immediate withdrawal of the forces unlawfully on Czechoslovakian territory and expresses the sympathy of the Senate for the people of Czechoslovakia in their ordeal. Debate resumed. Senator McManus moved an amendment, viz.: At end of motion add and, in the

belief that more than sympathy with Czechoslovakia or verbal condemnation of the Soviet Union is required, calls on the Government, in the event that Soviet troops are not recalled and full independence restored to Czechoslovakia immediately, to give urgent consideration to—

(1) breaking off diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and (2) the imposition of sanctions on trade with the Soviet Union”. Debate ensued. Amendment negatived. Ordered, on the motion, by leave, of Senator Anderson—That the names of those in favour of the motion be taken down by tellers and recorded in the Journals so that the opinion of the Senate can be made known to the world. Original Question (Senator Anderson’s motion)—put— The President directed that the bells be rung. The bells having ceased ringing, the President again put the question, and there being no dissentient voice, directed that the names of those Senators agreeing to the question be recorded, and appointed tellers.

No. 36— 27 August 1968 177

Senators agreeing to the question 52

Senator— Anderson Bishop Bull

Buttfield Byrne Cavanagh Cohen

Dittmer Drake-Brockman Drury Fitzgerald

Gair Georges Greenwood

Senator— Hendrickson Keefife Kennelly Lacey Laucke Laught Lawrie Lillico

Little McClelland McKellar

McManus McMullin, Sir

Senator— Marriott Maunsell Milliner MulvihiU Murphy Ormonde Poke

Poyser Prowse Rae Rankin, Dame

Senator— Turnbull Webster Wedgwood, Dame


Wheeldon Willesee Withers Wood Wriedt Wright Young

Annabelle Ridley Scott



Senator O ’Byrne Senator Cotton

And so the question was resolved in the affirmative.

And General Business taking precedence of Government Business after eight p.m.—

13 M etric System of W eights a n d M easures—Select Committee—R eport: Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion by Senator Laught—That the Senate take note of the Report. Debate resumed. Question—put and passed.

14 A djournment: The Minister for Supply (Senator Anderson) moved—That the Senate do now adjourn. Debate ensued. Question—put and passed. The Senate adjourned at twenty-four minutes to eleven p.m. till to-morrow at three p.m.

15 Attendance: Present, all the Members except Senators Branson (on leave), Cant (on leave), Davidson (on leave), Devitt, Sim, and Toohey (on leave).

R. E. Bu l lo c k, Acting Clerk of the Senate

19515/68 By Authority: A. J. A rthur, Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra