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SJ No 11 - 03 April 1968

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1 M eeting of Senate: The Senate met at three p.m., pursuant to adjournment. The President (Senator the Honourable Sir Alister McMullin) took the Chair.


3 Q uestions : Questions on notice were answered.

4 Papers: The following Paper was presented, by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General : National Radiation Advisory Committee—Report to the Prime Minister on Biological Aspects of Fallout from French Nuclear Weapons Explosions in the

Pacific, June-July 1967. The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute: Customs Tariff—Order—Exemption from Primage Duty No. 3. Dairy Produce Export Control Act—Forty-second Annual Report of the Australian

Dairy Produce Board for 1966-67. Papua and New Guinea Act—Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry Ordinance 1967, together with statement of reasons by the Minister for withholding assent, dated 3 April 1968. Seat of Government (Administration) Act—

Ordi nances—1968— No. 3—City Area Leases. No. 4—Crimes. No. 5—Scaffolding and Lifts. Regulations—1968—No. 4 (Cemeteries Ordinance).

5 M inisterial A rrangements: The Minister for Supply (Senator Anderson), by leave, informed the Senate that during the absence of Mr Nixon, who was leading the Australian delegation to the dedication of the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Ambon, Mr Anthony would act as Minister for the Interior; during the absence of

Mr McMahon at Manila, Mr Gorton would act as Treasurer; and during the absence of Mr Fairhall in New Zealand, Mr Bury would act as Minister for Defence.

6 Viet-N am—Statement by P resident of the U nited States of A merica—M inisterial Statement: The Minister for Supply (Senator Anderson), by leave, made a statement relating to the decisions on American policy in Viet-Nam announced on 1 April 1968 by President Johnson of the United States of America. Senator Anderson moved, by leave—That the Senate take note of the Statement. On the motion of Senator Cavanagh the debate was adjourned. Ordered—That the resumption of the debate be an Order of the Day for a later hour

of the day.

38 No. 11—3 April 1968

7 Air Pollution—Select Committee: Senator Henty moved, by leave— (1) That the Select Committee on Air Pollution consist of six Senators, three to be appointed by the Leader of the Government in the Senate, two to be appointed by the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, and one to be

appointed by the Leader of the Australian Democratic Labor Party in the Senate. (2) That the Committee elect as Chairman one of the members appointed by the Leader of the Government in the Senate. (3) That the Chairman of the Committee may from time to time appoint another

member of the Committee to be the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, and that the member so appointed act as Chairman of the Committee at any time when the Chairman is not present at a meeting of the Committee. (4) That, in the event of an equality of voting, the Chairman, or the Deputy

Chairman when acting as Chairman, have a casting vote. (5) That four members of the Committee, including the Chairman or Deputy Chairman, constitute a quorum of the Committee. (6) That the foregoing provisions of this resolution, so far as they are inconsistent

with the Standing Orders, have effect notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders. Question—put and passed.

8 N ew South Wales G rant (F lood M itigation) Bill 1968—Message jrom the House oj Representatives¬∑. The following Message from the House of Representatives was received and read: M r P resident, Message No. 2

The House of Representatives transmits to the Senate a Bill intituled “A Bill for an Act to amend section 5 oj the ‘New South Wales Grant (Flood Mitigation) Act 1964-1966’ ”, in which it desires the concurrence of the Senate.

House of Representatives, W. J. A ston,

Canberra, 2 April 1968 Speaker

Suspension of Standing Orders: The Minister for Supply (Senator Anderson), pursuant to contingent notice, moved—That so much of the Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent the Bill being passed through all its stages without delay. Question—put and passed. On the motion of Senator Anderson the Bill was read a first time. Senator Anderson moved—That this Bill be now read a second time. On the motion of Senator Ormonde the debate was adjourned. Ordered—That the resumption of the debate be an Order of the Day for the next day of


9 I nternational A ffairs— M inisterial Statement, M arch 1968—Papers: Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion by the Minister for Supply (Senator Anderson)—That the Senate take note of the Papers. Debate resumed. Senator McManus moved an amendment, viz.: At end of motion add “ , but the Senate

expresses concern at the deterioration of Australia’s defence position occasioned by— (1) Britain’s impending withdrawal from east of Suez; (2) increasing United States of America opposition to military commitments in Asia and our area; (3) China’s development of long range atomic weapons,

and, accordingly, calls on the Government for action to improve our defences under a four year plan for— (1) significant increases in the strength of our armed forces generally; (2) a naval programme, including an aircraft carrier;

(3) initial steps to development of our own aircraft industry; and

No. 11—3 April 1968 39

(4) in default of a satisfactory treaty for world nuclear disarmament, acquisition by Australia of its own nuclear deterrent” . Debate continued. Senator Webster addressing the Chair—

And it being 11 p.m.—

10 Adjournment: The President, under Sessional Order, put the Question—That the Senate do now adjourn. Debate ensued. Question—resolved in the affirmative. The Senate adjourned at twenty-three minutes past eleven p.m. till to-morrow at eleven

11 A ttendance: Present, all the Members except Senators Breen, Cant, Cohen (on leave) and Ridley.

J. R. O dgers, Clerk of the Senate

14420/68 By A uthority: A . J . A rthur, Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra