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SJ No 7 - 26 March 1968

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1 M eeting of Senate: The Senate met at three p.m., pursuant to adjournment. The President (Senator the Honourable Sir Alister McMullin) took the Chair.


3 Q uestions: Questions on notice were answered. .

4 Papers: The following Papers were presented, by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General: Tariff Board Reports— General Textile Reference—Concluding Interim Report.

General Textile Reference—Final Report. Metal reinforced rubber belts or belting. Metal working circular sawing machines.

Sound recorders and reproducers. Stoves, ranges, cookers and the like. Sulphur-bearing materials. Tetanus vaccines, veterinary products, quilts, etc. and sleeping bags (New

Zealand-Australia Free Trade Agreement). The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute: High Commissioner (United Kingdom) Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 1968, No. 21.

Lands Acquisition Act—Land acquired for Post Office purposes—Epping, TasĀ­ mania. Public Service Act— Appointment—Department of Trade and Industry—T. Watson.

Regulation—Statutory Rules 1968, No. 22. Public Service Arbitration Act—Determinations by the Arbitrator—1968— No. 13—Amalgamated Postal Workers’ Union of Australia. No. 15—Association of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Draughtsmen of

Australia. No. 16—Commonwealth Public Service Association (Fourth Division Officers). No. 17—Federated Miscellaneous Workers’ Union of Australia. No. 18—Customs Officers’ Association of Australia (Fourth Division). Tariff Board Act—Reports of Special Advisory Authority— .

Hot water bags. Knitted coats, jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and the like. Sand boots and sand shoes.

26 No. 7—26 March 1968

5 P rincipal Seat of H igh Court of Australia—Ministerial Statement: The Minister for Works (Senator Wright), by leave, made a statement relating to the Government’s approval, in principle, of the transfer of the Principal Seat of the High Court of Australia to Canberra. Senator Wright moved, by leave—That the Senate take note of the Statement. Ordered—That the debate be adjourned till the next day of sitting and that Senator

Wright have leave to continue his speech on the resumption of the debate.

6 T elephone Regulations—Motion for D isallowance: Senator O’Byrne, pursuant to notice, moved—That the amendment of the Telephone Regulations, as contained in Statutory Rules 1967, No. 157, and made under the Post and Telegraph Act 1901-1966, be disallowed. On the motion of the Minister for Housing (Senator Dame Annabelle Rankin) the debate

was adjourned. Ordered—That the resumption of the debate be an Order of the Day for the next day of sitting.

7 Governor-General’s Opening Speech—Address-in-R eply : Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion by Senator Laucke—That the following Address- in-Reply be agreed to:

To His Excellency the Governor-General May it Please Your Excellency— We, the Senate of the Commonwealth of Australia in Parliament assembled, desire to express our loyalty to our Most Gracious Sovereign, and to thank Your Excellency for the Speech which you have been pleased to address to Parliament. Debate resumed. The Minister for Customs and Excise (Senator Scott) addressing the Chair—

And it being 10.30 p.m.—

8 Adjournment: The Acting Deputy-President (Senator Cormack), under Sessional Order, put the Question—That the Senate do now adjourn. Debate ensued. Question—resolved in the affirmative. The Senate adjourned at eighteen minutes to eleven p.m. till to-morrow at three p.m.

9 Attendance: Present, all the Members except Senators Breen, Cohen (on leave), McKenna, Mattner and Sir Kenneth Morris.

J. R. Odgers, Clerk of the Senate

12585/68 By A uthority: A. J. Ar'i h u r, C om m onw ealth G overnm ent PYinter, C anberra