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SJ No 29 - 28 August 1958

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No. 29.

THURSDAY, 28th AUGUST, 1958.

1. Meeting of Senate.—The Senate met at eleven a.m., pursuant to adjournment.—The President (Senator the Honorable Sir Alister McMullin) took the Chair.


3. Governor-General’s Message—Assent to Bills.—The following Message from His Excellency the Governor-General was presented, and the same was read by the President:— W. J. SLIM, Governor-General. Message No. 16.

Proposed Laws intituled:— “ Customs Tariff {No. 3) 1958 ” . “ Customs Tariff ( Canadian Preference) (No. 2) 1958 ” “ Customs Tariff (New Zealand Preference) (No. 2) 1958 ” “ Customs Tariff (Papua and New Guinea Preference) 1958 ” as finally passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the^ Common wealth, having been presented to the Governor-General for the Royal Assent, His Excellency has, in the name and on behalf of Her Majesty, assented to the said Laws.

Government House, Canberra, 26th August, 1958.

4. Questions.—Questions on notice were answered.

5. Paper.—The following Paper was presented, pursuant to Statute— Public Service Act—Appointments—Department of the Treasury—.1. 1. Coal, F. Jtihasz.

6. Estimates and Budget Papers 1958-59.—Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion by the Minister for National Development (Senator Spooner), viz.—That the Papers be printed— And on the amendment moved thereto by Senator Kennedy, viz.— At end of motion add the following words, viz.—“ but that the Senate is of opinion that their provisions inflict grave injustices on the

States and on many sections of the Australian people—especially the family unit, and that they make no contribution to correcting seriously adverse trends in the Australian economy ” . Debate resumed.

Ordered—That the debate be adjourned till a later hour of the day, and that Senator Scott have leave to continue his speech on the resumption of the debate.

7. Christmas Island Bill 1958.—Message from the House o f Representatives.—The following Message from the House of Representatives was received and read:— M r. President, Message No. 61.

The House of Representatives transmits to the Senate a Bill intituled “ A Bill fo r an Act to provide fo r the Acceptance o f Christmas Island as a Territory under the Authority o f the Commonwealth and to provide for the Government o f that Territory ” , in which it desires the concurrence of the Senate.

< .1. McI.eay,

House of Representatives, Speaker.

Canberra, 27th August, 1958.

Suspension o f Standing Orders.—The Vice-President of the Executive Council and Attorney-General (Senator O'Sullivan), pursuant to contingent notice, moved— -That so much of the Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent the Bill being passed through all its stages without delay. Question—put and passed. On the motion of Senator O’Sullivan the Bill was read a first time. Senator O’Sullivan moved—That the Bill be now read a second time.

Debate ensued. Question—put and passed. Bill read a second time. ■

The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into Committee for the consideration of the Bill.


104 No. 29.—28ill August, 1958.

In the Committee.

Bill, by leave, taken as a whole, and agreed to. Bill to be reported without amendment.

The Deputy-President resumed the Chair; and the Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator Anderson) reported accordingly. On the motion of; Senator O’Sullivan the Report from the Committee was adopted, and the Bill read a third time.

8. Next Meeting of the Senate.—The Vice-President of the Executive Council and Attorney-General (Senator O’Sullivan) moved—That the Senate, at its rising, adjourn till Tuesday, 16th September, at three p.m., unless sooner called together by the President by telegram or letter. Question—put and passed.

9. Adjournment.—The Senate adjourned at thirteen minutes to four p.m. till Tuesday, 16th September, at three p.m., unless sooner called together by the President by telegram or letter.

10. Attendance.- -Present, all the Members except Senators Armstrong, Arnold, Buttfield, Cooper, Critchley (on leave), Fraser (on leave), Grant (on leave). Harris (on leave), Hendrickson, Ken nelly, La tight (on leave), Maher, Paltridgc, Robertson, Ryan, Sheehan, Tangney and Wright.

R. H. C. LOOP, Clerk o f the Senate.

By Authority: Λ. J. A rthur , Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra.