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SJ No 27 - 26 August 1958

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No. 27.

TUESDAY, 26th AUGUST, 1958.

1. Meeting of Senate.—The Senate met at three p.m., pursuant to adjournment.—The President (Senator the Honorable Sir Alister McMullin) took the Chair.


3. A ddress-in-R eply—Message from His E xcellency the G overnor-G eneral.—The President informed the Senate that he had received from His Excellency the Governor-General the following Message in connexion with the Address-in-Reply:— Mr. President,

I desire to acquaint you that the substance of the Address-in-Reply which you presented to me on the 14th March, 1958, has been communicated to Her Majesty the Queen. It is The Queen’s wish that 1 convey to you and to Honorable Senators Her Majesty’s sincere thanks for the Loyal Message to which your Address gives expression.

W. j. SLIM,

12th June, 1958. Governor-General.

4. Q uestions.—Questions on notice were answered.

5. Papers.—The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute— Cellulose Acetate Flake Bounty Act—Return for year 1957-58. -Cotton Bounty Act—Return for 1957. Public Service Act—Appointments—Department—

Interior—R. R. Morcom. Primary Industry—H. W. Chapman. Works—I. F. Burston. Public Service Arbitration Act—Determination by the Arbitrator—1958—No. 115—Amalgamated

Engineering Union and others. Tractor Bounty Act—Return for year 1957-58.

6. Estimates and Budget Papers 1958-59.—Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion by the Minister for National Development (Senator Spooner), viz.—That the Papers be printed— And on the amendment moved thereto by Senator Kennedy, viz.—At end of motion add the following words, viz.—“ but that the Senate is of opinion that their provisions inflict grave injustices on the States and on many sections of the Australian people—especially the family unit, and that they make no contribution to correcting seriously adverse trends in the Australian economy ”. Debate resumed. Senator Hendrickson addressing the Chair—

And it being 10.30 p.m.—

7. Adjournment.—The President, under Sessional Order, put the Question—That the Senate do now adjourn. Debate ensued. Question—resolved in the affirmative.

The Senate adjourned at twenty-four minutes to eleven p.m. till to-morrow at three p.m.

8. Attendance.—Present, all the Members except Senators Armstrong, Arnold, Cooper, Critchley (on leave), Fraser (on leave), Grant, Harris (on leave), Lavght (on leave), Maher, Paltridge, Robertson, Ryan, Tangney and Wright.

R. H. C. LOOP, Clerk o f the Senate.

By Authority: A. J. Arthur, Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra.