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SJ No 78 - 28 November 1901

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No. 78.



1. M eeting of Senate.—The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.


3. W ireless T elegraphy: T asmania and A djacent I slands.—Senator Keating, pursuant to notice, moved, That there be laid upon the Table of the Senate copies of all correspondence and docu­ ments in the possession of the Government having (relation to the establishment of systems of wireless telegraphy between Tasmania and certain of the islands adjacent thereto. Question—put and passed.

4. P resident and P remier of Queensland : Correspondence.—Senator Stewart, pursuant to notice, moved, That there be laid upon the Table of the Senate copies of all correspondence between the President of the Senate and Mr. Philp, the Premier of Queensland, relating to a communication which tho President, on the 20th of November, intimated to the Senate he had received, and which communication was subsequently read to the Senate by Senator Fraser. Question—put and passed.

5. P acific I sland L abourers B ill.—On the Order of the Day being read for the adjourned debate on the question—That the Pacific Island Labourers Bill be now read a second time, Debate resumed.

6. Suspension of Sitting.—At twenty-nine minutes past six p.m. the sitting of the Senate was suspended until a quarter to eight p.m.

7. R esumption of Sitting.— A t a quarter to eight p.m.Yhe'sitting of^the Senate was resumed.

8. P acific I sland L abourers B ill.—Debate, interrupted by the «-uspension of the sitting, resumed. Question—put and passed. Bill read a second time. The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the consideration of the Bill.

In the Committee,

Clause 1 agreed to. To report progress and ask leave to sit again. The President resumed the Chair ; and Senator Best, from the Committee, reported that the Coin· mittee had considered the Bill, and had made progress, and asked leave to sit again.

Ordered—-That tho Committee have leave to sit again to-morrow.

9. A djournment.—The Senate adjourned at fifty-seven minutes past nine p.m. till to-morrow at half­ past ten a.m.

10. A ttendance.—-Present, all the Members except Senators Lieut.-Col. Cameron, Dawson, Ewing (on leave), Harney, Matheson, Millen, Lieut.-Col. Neild, and O’Connor,

E. G BLACKMOBE, Clerk of the Parliaments.


Printed and Published for tho Government of the Commonwealth of A ustralia by Robt. S. Brain, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.