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SJ No 53 - 13 September 1901

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No. 53.



1. M eeting of Senate.—The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.


3. A ppointments outside T ransferred Services.—Senator Glassey, pursuant to notice, asked the Vice-President of the Executive Council—

1. How many new appointments outside the services transferred to the Commonwealth have been made by the Government prior to and since the opening of the Federal Parliament. 2. How many of these appointments have been made from the different States of the Union, namely—

(а) New South Wales. (б) Victoria. (c) Queensland. (d) South Australia. (e) Western Australia. ( f ) Tasmania.

The Vice-President of the Executive Council replied—The information will be obtained and laid upon the Table of the Senate in the form of a return.

4. A lbury Customs B usiness : R emoval of.—Senator Pulsford, by leave of the Senate and at the request of Senator Lieut.-Col. Neild, who was unavoidably absent, pursuant to notice, asked the Vice-President of the Executive Council—

1. Is it intended to remove the transaction of Customs business from Albury to Wodonga. 2. Is the Government aware that by far the greater portion of the Customs business in the vicinity of Albury and Wodonga is connected with the former town. 3. Is the Government aware that the proposed change will be most inconvenient to the

majority of persons having business with the Customs. 4. Will not the proposed change occasion inconvenience and delay to passengers by the railways. 5. Will the Government delay the proposed change until those concerned have had an

opportunity of representing their wishes respecting the matter.

The Vice-President of the Executive Council replied—There is no truth whatever in the report, neither has there been any ground for the report that it is intended to remove the transactions of the Customs business from Albury to Wodonga ; the facts are precisely the reverse.


5. P roperty A cquisition B ill.— On the Order of the Day being read for the consideration of the Property Acquisition Bill as reported a second time, Ordered—That the Bill be recommitted for the insertion of a new clause to follow Clause 44. The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the reconsideration of the


In the Committee,

The Vice-President of the Executive Council moved a new Clause 44a to follow Clause 44, viz.:— “ (1) The Governor-General may from time to time, by order under his Compensation may hand, reduce the amounts payable for compensation to the several States, in portion to popu- respect of any property acquired under this Act, or under section eighty-five of latlon' the Constitution, by the whole or a part of the amounts which would be chargeable against those States respectively, if the full amounts of compensation were paid by the Commonwealth; but so that the reduction—

(a) shall, if the amount would be chargeable against the States in proportion to population, be made in respect of all the States in proportion to their populations, and (b) shall not in the case of any State exceed the amount of the compensation payable to that State. .

(2) The compensation payable to the several States shall thereupon be deemed to be reduced by the amounts of such deductions. (3) A copy of every such order of the Governor-General shall be laid before both Houses of the Parliament within thirty days after the making thereof, if the Parliament is then sitting, and if not, within thirty days after the next meeting of the Parliament.” Question—That new Clause 44a be inserted in the Bill—put and passed. Bill to be reported with further amendment. The President resumed the chair; and Mr. Best, from the Committee, reported that the Com­

mittee had reconsidered the Bill, and had agreed to the same with further amendment. Ordered—That the Bill as reported a third time be considered on Wednesday next.

6. P ublic Service B ill.—The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the further consideration of the Public Service Bill.

• In the Committee,

Clause 5 further considered. Amendment again proposed, viz., to leave out in lines 2 and 3, “ some fit and proper person to be Public Service Commissioner.”

7. Suspension of Committee.—A t one p.m. the sitting of the Committee was suspended until two p.m.

8. R esumption of Committee.— A t two p.m. the sitting of the Committee was resumed.

9. P ublic Service B ill.—Clause 5 further considered. To report progress and ask leave to sit again. The President resumed the Chair; and Mr. Best, from the Committee, reported that the Committee had considered the Bill, and had made progress, and asked leave to sit again. Ordered—That the Committee have leave to sit again on Wednesday next.

1<>. P ostponement of B usiness.·—Ordered, That Order of the Day No. 3 be an Order of the Day for Wednesday next.

11. D esks for Senate C hamber.—Senator Higgs, pursuant to notice, moved, That a return be prepared and laid upon the Table, showing the estimated cost of providing the Senate with desks similar to those in use in both Houses of the South Australian Parliament. Debate ensued. Question—put and passed.

12. P ostponement of B usiness.—Ordered, That Notice of Motion No. 4 be an Order of the Day for Friday next.

13. Tasmania and Australia Steam-s iiip Communication S elect Committee.—Senator Keating, pur­ suant to notice, moved, That the Tasmania and Australia Steam-ship Communication Select Com­ mittee have power to adjourn its sittings from place to place. Debate ensued. On motion of Senator Sir J. W. Downer, the debate was adjourned until this day fortnight.

14. A djournment.—The Senate adjourned at twenty-five minutes past three p.m. till Wednesday, 18th September, at half-past two p.m.

15. A ttendance.—Present, all the Members except Senators Dawson (on leave), Fraser (on leave), Major Gould, Harney (on leave), Macfarlane, Matheson (on leave), Millen, Lieut.-Col. Neild, Styles (on leave), and Walker.


Clerk of the Parliaments.

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