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SJ No 52 - 12 September 1901

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No. 52.



1. M eeting of Senate.—The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.


3. P aper.—The Postmaster-General laid on the Table the following Paper, viz.:—

By Command :— I. Papers re Communication made to the Press by Mr. Outtrim, Deputy Postmaster-General, Victoria.

Ordered to be printed.

4. Suspension of Standing Orders.— The Vice-President of the Executive Council, pursuant to notice, moved, That, on the report of the Committee being adopted, so much of the Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent the Bill relating to the Customs from passing through all its remaining stages in the same sitting. Debate ensued. Question—put and passed.

5. Customs B ill.— On the Order of the Day being read for the consideration of the Customs Bill, as reported a third time. Report adopted. The Vice-President of the Executive Council moved, That this Bill be now read a third time. Question—put and passed.

Bill read a third time and passed.

G. P ostponement of B usiness.— Ordered, That Order of the Day No. 2 be an Order of the Day for to-morrow.

7. P roperty A cquisition B ill.— The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the further consideration of the Property Acquisition Bill.

In the Committee,

Clause 44 further reconsidered. Amendment again proposed, viz., to leave out paragraph (b). Question—That paragraph (b) stand part of the clause—put and negatived. The Vice-President of the Executive Council moved a further amendment, viz., to insert a new

paragraph— “ By the Commonwealth becoming responsible to the State for its liability for principal and interest in respect of such a part of the public debt of the State as is the actuarial equivalent of a Three per cent, loan of the same currency and of the amount of such compensation.” Senator Playford moved an amendment to the proposed new paragraph, viz., after “ Three,” in

line 4, to insert “ and one-half.” '

Question—That the words proposed to be inserted be inserted—put. Committee divided. .

Ayes, 13.

Sir R. C. Baker Lieut.-Col. Cameron Mr. Charleston Clemons


Sir J. W. Downer Mr. Ewing Ferguson Glassey

Sir J. H. Symon


Mr. O’Keefe.

Playford Smith

Noes, 12.

Mr. Barrett Best Be Largie Drake Higgs McGregor O’Connor Pearce


Lieut.-Col. Sir F. T. Sargood Sir W. A. Zeal.


Mr. Keating.


New paragraph, as amended, agreed to. Clause 44, as amended, agreed to. Clause 59 reconsidered and agreed to. Bill to be reported with further amendments. The President resumed the C hair; and Mr. Best, from the Committee, reported that the Committee

had reconsidered the Bill, and had agreed to the same with further amendments. Ordered—That the Bill as reported a second time be considered to-morrow.

8. P ublic Service B ill.—The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the further consideration of the Public Service Bill.

In the Committee.

9. Suspension of Committee.— At six p.m. the sitting of the Committee was suspended till half-past seven p.m.

10. R esumption of Committee.— A t half-past seven p.m. the sitting of the Committee was resumed.

11. P ublic S ervice B ill.—Clause 5 read. Senator Dobson moved an amendment, viz., to leave out, in lines 2 and 3, “ some fit and proper person to be Public Service Commissioner.” To report progress, and ask leave to sit again. The President resumed the Chair ; and Mr. Best, from the Committee, reported that the ComĀ­

mittee had considered the Bill, and had made progress, and asked leave to sit again. Ordered—That the Committee have leave to sit again to-morrow.

12. A djournment.—The Senate adjourned at thirty-one minutes past nine p.m. till to-morrow, a t half-past ten a.m.

13. A ttendance.— Present, all the M embers except Senators Dawson (on leave), Fraser (on leave), Major Gould, Harney (on leave), Matheson (on leave), Millen, Stewart, Styles (on leave), and Walker.

E. G. BLACKMORE, Clerk of the ParliamentĀ».

Printed and Published for the Government of the Commonwealth of A ustralia by Rost. S. B r ain, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.