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SJ No 44 - 23 August 1901

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No. 44.


FRIDAY, 23rd AUGUST, 1901.

1. M eeting of Senate.—The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.


3. P etition.—Senator Walker presented a Petition (No. 20) from nine Shipowners and Shipping Agents of the Port of Newcastle engaged in the oversea carrying trade praying the Senate to amend the provisions of the Customs Bill relating to stores consumed by oversea vessels. Petition received and read.

4. Customs R egulations.—-Senator Pulsford, pursuant to notice, moved, That it is desirable the Government should lay before Parliament at an early date after the passing of the Customs Bill the Regulations it is intended to issue thereunder. Question—put and passed.

5 . E xcise D uties, etc.—Senator Staniforth Smith, pursuant to notice, moved, That a return be laid upon the Table of this Senate, simultaneously with the Tariff proposals, showing— 1. Articles subject to duty of Excise in each or any State, and the rates of such duties. 2. The revenue derived from every such duty of Excise during the year 1900 in each State,

and the total revenue derived from each of such duties. 3. The quantity of every excisable article, being the product of a State and exported to all other States for the year 1900. „

4. The rate of every duty of Excise as proposed in the Federal Tariff Bill. 5. The estimated revenue to be derived from every such rate.

In the event of the figures for 1900 not being available that the figures for the previous year be given. Question—put and passed.

6. L eave of A bsence.—Senator McGregor, pursuant to notice, moved, That one month's leave of absence be granted to Senator Dawson on account of serious illness. Question—put and passed.

7. N ew Standing Order : L apsed B ills.—Senator Barrett, pursuant to notice, moved, That the fol­ lowing new Standing Order be referred to the Standing Orders Committee with the view of its consideration as a Standing Order for this Senate— “ When a motion to bring in any Public Bill is agreed to, if such Bill bears a certificate from

the Clerk of the Senate that it is identical with a Bill as last agreed to by the House, which passed its second reading in the previous session of the same Parliament, but was not finally disposed of by both Houses when the session closed, then a motion may be made that such Bill be advanced to the stage it had reached in the Senate in the former session, or to any earlier stage.” Question—put and passed.


8. Customs B ill.— The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the further consideration of the Customs Bill. In the Committee, Clause 149 agreed to. Clause 150 read. Senator Sir F. T. Sargood moved an amendment, viz., to leave out all the words in line 2. Question—That the words proposed to be left out stand part of the clause—put. Committee divided.

Ayes, 12.

Mr. Barrett De Largie Sir J. W. Downer Mr. Drake

Glassey Keating McGregor _ O’Connor Pearce Playford

i , . Stewart.

^ .......... . Teller.

Mr. O’Keefe.

Noes, 10.

Mr. Charleston Dobson Ewing Major Gould Mr. Millen

Pulsford Smith

Sir J. H. Symon Mr. Walker


Lieut.-Col Sir F. T. Sargood.

Clause 150 agreed to. Clause 151 amended and agreed to. Clause 152 agreed to. Clause 153 read.

9. Suspension of Committee.—A t one p.m. the sitting of the Committee was suspended until two p.m.

10. R esumption of Committee.—At two p.m. the sitting of the Committee was resumed.

11. Customs B ill.— Clause 153 further considered, amended, and agreed to. Clauses 154-159 agreed to. Clause 160 amended and agreed to. Clauses 161-165 agreed to. ' Clause 166 amended and agreed to. Clause 167 amended and agreed to. Clause 168 amended and agreed to. Clauses 169-174 agreed to. Clause 175 read. To report progress and ask leave to sit again.

The President resumed the C hair; and Mr. Dobson, from the Committee, reported that the Com­ mittee had considered the Bill, and had made progress, and asked leave to sit again. Ordered, That the Committee have leave to sit again on Wednesday next.

12. A djournment.— The Senate adjourned at six minutes past four p.m. till Wednesday, 28th August, at half-past two p.m.

13. A ttendance.— Present, all the Members except Senators Best (on leave), Dawson (on leave) Ferguson (on leave), Fraser, Harney (on leave), Higgs (on leave), Matheson (on leave), Lieut.-Col. Neild, and Styles (on leave).

E. G. BLACKMORE, Clerk o f the Parliaments.

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