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SJ No 39 - 14 August 1901

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No. 39.



1. M eeting of Senate.—The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.


3. M essage from the H ouse of R epresentatives.-—The following Message from the House of RepreĀ­ sentatives was received and read :— .

M r. P resident, N o 16.

The House of Representatives transmits to the Senate a Bill intituled “ An Act relating to Excise on Beer,” with which it desires the concurrence of the Senate. F. W. HOLDER, House of Representatives, Speaker.

Melbourne, 14th August, 1901.

4. B eer E xcise B ill.— The Vice-President of the Executive Council, moved, That the Beer Excise Bill be now read a first time. .

Question—put and passed. Bill read a first time, and ordered to be read a second time on Friday next.

5. P rivate B usiness : A lternate P recedence.— Senator Lieut.-Col. Neild, pursuant to notice, moved, That, unless otherwise ordered, Private Orders of the Day take precedence of Private Notices of Motion on alternate Fridays. Question—put and passed.

6. Customs B ill.—The Vice-President of the Executive Council, according to Order, moved, That the Customs Bill be now read a second time. Debate ensued. Question—put and passed.

Bill read a second time. Ordered—That Senator Dobson do take the Chair of Committees of the Whole Senate for this day, and until the expiration of the leave of absence granted to Senator Best, Chairman of Committees. The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the consideration of the Bill.

In the Committee,

Clauses 1 and 2 agreed to. Clause 3 amended and agreed to. Clause 4 postponed. Clauses 5-18 agreed to. Clause 19 read.

Senator Sir F. T. Sargood moved an amendment, viz., after “ wharf,” in line 11, to insert “ also such shed accommodation for the protection of goods as the Minister may in writing declare to be requisite.” Question—That the words proposed to be inserted be inserted—put. Committee divided.

Ayes, 12.

Mr. Clemons Dobson Major Gould Mr. Macfarlane Lieut.-Col. Neild Mr. Pulsford Lieut.-Col. Sir. F. T. Sargood Mr. Smith Sir J. H. Symon

Mr. Walker Sir W. A. Zeal.


Noes, 9.

Mr. Barrett Sir J. W. Downer Mr. Drake Glassey

McGregor O’Connor Pearce Playford.

. Teller.

Mr. Keating.

Mr. Charleston,


Clause 19, as amended, agreed to. Clause 20 amended and agreed to. Clause 21 agreed to. Clause 22 amended and agreed to. Clause 23 read.

7. S uspension of Committee.—A t half-past six p.m. the sitting of the Committee was suspended until half-past seven p.m.

8. R esumption of Committee.— At half-past seven p.m. the sitting of the Committee was resumed.

9. Customs B ill.—Clause 23 amended and agreed to. Clause 24 amended and agreed to. Clause 25 amended and agreed to. Clause 26 amended and agreed to. Clauses 27-36 agreed to. Clause 37 amended and agreed to. Clauses 38-44 agreed to. Clause 45 amended and agreed to. Clause 46 amended and agreed to. Clauses 47 and 48 agreed to. Clause 49 read. To report progress and ask leave to sit again. The President resumed the Chair; and Mr. Dobson, from the Committee, reported that the ComĀ­

mittee had considered the Bill, and had made progress, and asked leave to sit again. Ordered—That the Committee have leave to sit again to-morrow.

10. A djouknmunt.—The Senate adjourned at ten minutes past ten p.m, fill to-morrow at half-past two p.m.

11. A ttendance.— Present, all the Members except Senators Best (on leave), Lieut.-Col. Cameron, Dawson (on leave), Ferguson (on leave), Harney (on leave), Higgs (on leave), Matheson (on leave), Millen, O’Keefe, and Styles (on leave),

E. G. BLACKMORE, Clerk o f the Parliaments.

Printed and Published for the Government of the Commonwealth of A ustralia by R obt. S. Bra in, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.