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SJ No 29 - 19 July 1901

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No. 29.


FRIDAY, 19th JULY, 1901.

1. M eeting of Senate.—The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.


3 S ervice and E xecution of P rocess R ill.—The Chairman of Committees having certified that the fair print of the Service and Execution of Process Bill was in accordance with the Bill as agreed to in Committee, and reported. The Vice-President of the Executive Council, according to Order, moved—-That the Bill be now read

a third time. Question—put and passed. Bill read a third time and passed.

4 P ostage Stamps R epurchased from “ T attersalls.”—Senator Keating, pursuant to notice, moved— That the Honorable the Postmaster-General be requested to make full investigations for the purpose of ascertaining the average annual number of unused postage stamps repurchased by each of the Postal Departments of the several States of the Commonwealth from the proprietor of Tattersall’s sweeps, and to place on the Table of this Senate the result of such investigations. Debate ensued. And leave being given for the question to be amended as follows, viz.:—That a return be laid on

the Table of the Senate showing the average annual number and value of unused postage stamps repurchased by the Postal Department of each State of the Commonwealth for the purpose of ascertaining as nearly as possible the number and value of stamps repurchased from the proprietor of Tattersall’s sweeps. Senator Millen moved an amendment, viz., in line 2 to leave out the word “ average. ’ Question—That the word proposed to be left out stand part of the question—put and negatived. Senator Millen moved a further amendment, viz., to insert after the word “ repurchased,” in line 3,

the words “ in each year from 1890 to 1900 inclusive.” Question—That the words proposed to be inserted be inserted—put and passed. Main question as amended—put and passed.

5. P ostponement of B usiness.—Ordered that Order of the Day Ho. 2, be an Order of the Day foi Wednesday next.

6. A djournment.—The Senate adjourned at ten minutes past eleven a.m. till Wednesday, 24th July, at half-past two p.m.

7. A ttendance.— Present, all the Members except Senators Dawson, Ewing (on leave), Fraser, Glassey, Major Gould, Harney, Higgs, Macfarlane, Matheson, Lieut.-Col. Neild, Pulsford, Styles, Sir J. H. Symon, and Sir W. A. Zeal.

E. G. BLACKMORE, Clerk of the Parliaments.

Printed and Published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by Roar. S. B rain, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.