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SJ No 26 - 12 July 1901

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No. 26.


FRIDAY, 12th JULY, 1901.

1. M eeting of Senate.—The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.


3. Statisticians— Conference of.—Senator Dobson, pursuant to notice, asked the Vice-President of the Executive Council if it is the intention of Ministers to arrange with the Premier of each State to convene a Conference of Statisticians, with instructions to devise and report upon a scheme for securing an absolutely uniform basis for collecting, preparing, and issuing statistics throughout the Commonwealth. The Vice-President of the Executive Council replied—The question of having statistics collected and

published in a uniform manner, and in such a way as to be of federal use, is engaging the attention of my honorable colleague the Minister for Home Affairs.

4. Cable R ates, V ictoria and T asmania.·—Senator Walker, by leave of the Senate, and at the request of Senator Macfarlane, who was unavoidably absent, pursuant to notice, moved, That the Postmaster-General lay on the Table of the Senate a return showing the sum paid to the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company for cablegrams over the cable between Victoria and Tasmania between the 1st April and 30th June last, also the amounts paid for each of the years 1896 to

1901 inclusive, and a copy of the existing contract with the Company as to the non-laying of a cable by the Commonwealth or others. Question—put and passed.

5. Bass’ Straits Cable : A mounts P aid.—Senator Keating, pursuant to notice, moved, That a Return be laid upon the Table of the Senate showing particulars of the amounts from time to time paid by the Government of Tasmania to the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company in connexion with the Bass’ Straits cable, both by way of subsidy and also under the message receipts guarantee. Question—put and passed.

6. P aper.—The Postmaster-General laid on the Table the following Paper, viz :—·

Return to Order of the Senate of this day, July 12th, viz. :—Amounts paid to the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company for Cables—Bass' Straits. Ordered to be printed.

7. I nsurance : I ndustrial A ccidents.—Senator Lieut.-Col. Neild, having, by leave, amended the Notice of Motion standing in his name, moved, That in the opinion of the Senate it is desirable that State insurance against Industrial accidents should be established throughout the Common­ wealth.

I t being half-past twelve o’clock, the Orders of the Day were called on by the Clerk.

8. P ostponement of B usiness.— Ordered—That the Orders of the Day be postponed until the debate on the question before the Senate and the remaining Private Business be disposed of.

9. I nsurance : Industrial A ccidents.—Debate on the question, interrupted by the Orders of the Day being called on, resumed.

10. Suspension of S itting.—A t one p.m. the sitting of the Senate was suspended till two o’clock.

11. R esumption of Sitting.—A t two p.m. the sitting of the Senate was resumed.

12. I nsurance : Industrial A ccidents.—Debate, interrupted by the suspension of the sitting, resumed, And a point of order having arisen as to the regularity of the motion, The President ruled that it was competent for the Senate to discuss any abstract resolution. On the motion of Senator Harney the debate was adjourned until Friday, 26th July.

13. E lections and Qualifications Committee : R eport.—Senator Sir J. W. Downer, Chairman of the Elections and Qualifications Committee, brought up the Report in the matter of the Petition of Henry John Saunders against the Return of Alexander Percival Matheson, together with the Minutes of the Committee. Ordered to be printed and considered by the Senate on Wednesday next.

14 I mports : D uty and V alue.— Senator Clemons, by leave of the Senate, and at the request of Senator Staniforth Smith, who was unavoidably absent, having, by leave of the Senate, amended the Notice of Motion No. 2, moved, That there be laid upon the Table of the House, simultaneously with the Federal Tariff Bill, a return showing the following particulars for the year 1900, if possible; and, if not, then for the year 1899:—

1. The rates of duty existing in the various States of the Commonwealth on each article of import. 2. The value of imports of each of such articles in each State— .

(a) From the other States of the Commonwealth. (b) From outside the Commonwealth. (c) The total imports of each commodity.

3. The amount of duty collected from imports outside the Commonwealth. 4. The total value of each class of commodity imported into the Commonwealth. 5. The total revenue received on each class of commodity imported into the Commonwealth.

6. The proposed duty on each class of commodity. 7. The estimated increase or decrease of revenue caused by the proposed Tariff on each class of commodity. ·

Question—put and passed.

15. Service and E xecution of P rocess B ill.—On the Order of the Day being read for the consideration of the Service and Execution of Process Bill as reported, Report adopted. Ordered -That the Bill be read a third time on Wednesday next.

16. P roperty A cquisition B ill.—The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the further consideration of the Property Acquisition Bill.

In the Committee,

Clauses 2-11 agreed to. Clause 12 read.

Senator Harney moved an amendment, viz. :—In line 3 of the Clause to leave out “ publication ” and insert “ service ” in lieu thereof. To report progress and ask leave to sit again. The President resumed the Chair ; and Mr. Best, from the Committee, reported that the Committee

had considered the Bill, and had made progress, and asked leave to sit again. Ordered—That the Committee have leave to sit again on Wednesday next.

17. A djournment.—The Senate adjourned at fifty-seven minutes past three p.m. till Wednesday, 17th July, at half-past two p.m. .

18. A ttendance.—Present, all the Members except Senators Lieut.-Col. Cameron, Dawson, Ewing (on leave), Higgs, Matheson, Millen, and Styles.

E. G. BLACKMORE, Clerk o f the Parliaments.

Printed and Published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by R obt. S. B ra in, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.