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SJ No 19 - 27 June 1901

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No. 19.


THURSDAY, 27th JUNE, 1901.

1. M eeting of Senate.— The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

2. P rayers.

3. P etition.—The Vice-President of the Executive Council presented a Petition (No. 10) from Henry John Saunders against the return of Alexander Percival Matheson as a Member of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Australia. Petition received. The Vice-President of the Executive Council moved—

1. That the Petition be referred to the Elections and Qualifications Committee for inquiry and report. 2. That upon such inquiry the Committee have power to send for persons, papers, and records.

3. That the President shall fix the time for the first meeting of the Committee. 4. That of the Committee four shall form a quorum.

Question—put and passed.

4. P roperty A cquisition B ill.—The Vice-President of the Executive Council, by leave of the Senate, without notice, moved, That he have leave to introduce a Bill so provide for the Acquisition of Property for Public Purposes, for dealing with Property so Acquired, and for other purposes connected therewith. Question—put and passed. Bill presented and read a first time, and ordered to lie read a second time on Wednesday next.

5. A cts I nterpretation B ill.— On the Order of the Day being read for the consideration of the Acts Interpretation Bill, as reported with amendments— The Vice-President of the Executive Council moved, That the Report be adopted. Question—put and passed. Ordered—That the Bill be read a third time to-morrow.

6. P ost and T elegraph B ill,—The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee for the further consideration of the Post and Telegraph Bill.

In the Committee,

Clause 41, to which an amendment had been moved, viz., in line 3 to leave out “ offensive or libellous,” further considered. And the amendment being divided, Question—That the word “ offensive ” stand part of the clause—put. Committee divided—·

Ayes, 18.

Mr. Barrett Best Lieut.-Col. Cameron Mr. Charleston Sir J. W. Downer

Mr. Drake Ferguson Glassey Major Gould Mr. Harney

Matheson Lieut.-Col. Neild Mr. O’Connor Lieut.-Col. Sir F. T. Sargood Mr. Smith Sir J. H. Symon Mr. Walker.


Mr. Ewing.

Question—That the words “ or libellous ” stand part of the clause—put and passed.

Noes, 8.

Mr. Clemons Do Largie Keating McGregor O’Keefe Playford



Mr. Pearce.


Clause 41 further amended. Senator McGregor moved a further amendment, viz., to add to the clause, “ No action shall be brought against the Postmaster-General or any officer of the Department for anything done under the provisions of this section, but any person aggrieved by anything done by the Postmaster-

General or a Deputy Postmaster-General under this section may appeal to a Justice of the High Court or, until the establishment of such Court, to a Judge of a Supreme Court of a State by summons or petition in a summary manner, and the decision of such Justice or Judge shall be final.” Question—That the words proposed to be added be added—put. Committee divided—

Ayes, 13.

Mr. Clemons De Largie Drake Ewing Glassey Higgs McGregor O’Connor O’Keefe Pearce Playford



Mr. Keating.

Clause 41 as amended agreed to. Clauses 42-47 agreed to. Clause 48 amended and agreed to. Clause 49 amended and agreed to. Clauses 50-53 agreed to. Clause 54 amended.

Noes, 11.

Mr. Barrett Lieut.-Col. Cameron Mr. Charleston Ferguson


Lieut.-Col. Sir F. T. Sargood Mr. Smith Sir J. H. Symon Mr. Walker Sir W, A. Zeal,


Mr. Harney.

7. Suspension of Committee.—A t half-past six p.m. the sitting of the Committee was] suspended till half-past seven p.m.

8. R esumption of Committee.·—A t half-past seven p.m. the sitting of the Committee was resumed,

9. P ost and T elegraph B ill.—Clause 54 further considered. Senator Keating moved a further amendment, viz., after “ engaged,” in line 2, to insert “ without the sanction of the law of a State.” Question—That the words proposed to be inserted be inserted—put.

Committee divided— Ayes, 9. Sir R. C. Baker Lieut.-Col. Cameron Mr. Charleston


Sir J. W. Downer Mr. Harney McGregor O’Keefe.


Mr. Keating

Noes, 17,

Mr. Barrett Best De Largie Drake Ewing Ferguson Fraser Higgs Lieut.-Col. Neild Mr. O’Connor

Pearce Playford

Lieut.-Col. Sir F, T, Sargood Mr. Stewart Sir J. H. Symon Mr. Walker.


Mr. Staniforth Smith.

Clause 54 as amended agreed to. To report progress, and ask leave to sit again. The President resumed the Chair ; and Mr. Dobson, from the Committee, reported that the Com­ mittee had considered the Bill, and had made progress, and asked leave to sit again. Ordered—That the Committee have leave to sit again to-morrow.

10. P ostponement of Order of the D ay.— Ordered—That Order of the D ay No. 3 be an Order of the Day for Wednesday next.

11. A djournment.— The Senate adjourned at twenty-nine minutes past ten o’clock till half-past ten a.m. to-morrow.

12. A ttendance.—Present, all the Members except Senators Dawson, Macfarlane, Millen, Pulsford, and Styles.

E. G. BLACKMORE, Clerk o f the Parliaments.

Printed and Published for the G overnment of the Commonwealth of Australia by R obt. S. Brain, Government Printer for the State of Victoria,