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2       Documents

The following documents were tabled pursuant to standing order 61(1)(b):

Government documents

1.         Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and Climate Change Authority—Towards the next generation: delivering affordable, secure and lower emissions power—Report, dated June 2017.

2.         Crimes Act 1914 —Report for 2015-16 on the Ombudsman’s activities in monitoring controlled operations conducted by the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity, the Australian Crime Commission and the Australian Federal Police.

3.         Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment Act 2013 —Independent Review of the Water Trigger Legislation—Report by Mr Stephen Hunter, dated April 2017.

             Migration Act 1958 —Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—

4.                Personal identifier 000408-O, 1000142-O, 1000173-O, 1000267-O, 1000279-O, 1000785-O, 1001003-O, 1001044-O, 1001170-O, 1001207-O1, 1001365-O, 1001647-O, 1002144-O, 1002292-O1, 1002337-O1, 1002389-O, 1002391-O, 1002393-O, 1002397-O, 1002399-O, 1002407-O, 1002432-O, 1002450-O, 1002487-O and 1002488-O—Government response to Ombudsman’s reports, dated 13 June 2017—Replacement for document previously tabled on 10 May 2017.

Personal identifier 000479-O, 1000341-O, 1000782-O, 1000856-O, 1000874-O, 1001023-O, 1001048-O, 1001249-O, 1001304-O, 1001347-O, 1001349-O, 1001416-O, 1001518-O1, 1001693-O, 1001761-O, 1001901-O, 1001950-O, 1001973-O1, 1002052-O, 1002057-O, 1002059-O, 1002089-O, 1002121-O, 1002146-O, 1002161-O, 1002167-O, 1002169-O, 1002173-O, 1002185-O, 1002192-O, 1002198-O1, 1002200-O1, 1002201-O1, 1002289-O1, 1002333-O, 1002341-O, 1002347-O1, 1002348-O, 1002354-O, 1002355-O, 1002379-O, 1002382-O, 1002385-O, 1002388-O, 1002404-O, 1002415-O, 1002424-O, 1002426-O, 1002430-O, 1002445-O, 1002452-O, 1002455-O, 1002485-O, 1002491-O, 1002493-O, 1002501-O and 1002512-O—

5.                      Commonwealth Ombudsman’s reports—Report no. 7 of 2017—Replacement for document previously tabled on 10 May 2017.

6.                      Government response to Ombudsman’s reports, dated 13 June 2017— Replacement for document previously tabled on 10 May 2017.

Personal identifier 1000420-O, 1000925-O, 1000969-O, 1001592-O, 1001665-O1, 1001705-O, 1001759-O, 1001760-O, 1001816-O, 1001833-O, 1001905-O, 1001971-O, 1002216-O, 1002275-O1, 1002395-O, 1002414-O, 1002420-O, 1002423-O, 1002431-O, 1002434-O, 1002436-O, 1002437-O, 1002439-O, 1002443-O and 1002446-O—

7.                      Commonwealth Ombudsman’s reports—Report no. 10 of 2017.

8.                      Government response to Ombudsman’s reports, dated 13 June 2017.

Personal identifier 1000030-O, 1000372-O, 1000814-O, 1000979-O1, 1001254-O, 1001260-O, 1001337-O, 1001377-O1, 1001711-O, 1001738-O, 1001753-O, 1001896-O, 1001924-O, 1002172-O, 1002174-O, 1002206-O1, 1002214-O1, 1002236-O1, 1002255-O1, 1002367-O1, 1002392-O, 1002413-O, 1002418-O, 1002421-O, 1002442-O, 1002511-O, 1002513-O and 1002557-O—

9.                      Commonwealth Ombudsman’s reports—Report no. 11 of 2017.

10.                    Government response to Ombudsman’s reports, dated 13 June 2017.

11.       Productivity Commission—Report no. 83—Telecommunications universal service obligation, dated 28 April 2017.

             Superannuation (Government Co-contribution for Low Income Earners) Act 2003 —Operation of the Government co-contribution scheme—Quarterly reports for the period 1 January to 31 March 2017—

12.             Subsection 12G(1).

13.             Subsection 54(1).




The following documents were tabled by the Clerk pursuant to statute:

[ Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislation (FRL) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk. ]

Banking Act 1959

Banking (prudential standard) determination No. 2 of 2017 - Prudential Standard APS 001 - Definitions [F2017L00661].

Banking (prudential standard) determination No. 3 of 2017 - Prudential Standard APS 120 - Securitisation [F2017L00663].

Competition and Consumer Act 2010 —Further Extension of the Ban Period for the Interim Ban on Certain Decorative Alcohol Fuelled Devices [F2017L00664].

Defence Act 1903 —Section 58B—Education costs and benchmark schools - amendment—Defence Determination 2017/19 [F2017L00667].

Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme Act 2008 —Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme (Average House Price and Median Interest Rate) Amendment Determination 2017 [F2017L00662].

Higher Education Support Act 2003 —Higher Education Provider Approval—No. 1 of 2017 [F2017L00660].

Migration Act 1958 —Migration Regulations 1994—

Migration (IMMI 17/036: Payment of Visa Application Charges and Fees in Foreign Currencies) Instrument 2017—IMMI 17/036 [F2017L00665].

Migration (IMMI 17/037: Places and Currencies for Paying of Fees) Instrument 2017—IMMI 17/037 [F2017L00666].

Social Security Act 1991 —Social Security (Tables for the Assessment of Work-related Impairment for Disability Support Pension) Amendment Determination 2017 [F2017L00659].

Superannuation Act 2005 —Superannuation (PSSAP Trust Deed) (Superannuation Reforms and Other Matters) Amendment Instrument 2017 [F2017L00658].