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29    Industry— Naval Shipbuilding Plan

Senator Reynolds amended general business notice of motion no. 338 by leave and, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved—That the Senate—

               (a)       congratulates the Government on its delivery of the Naval Shipbuilding Plan;

               (b)       notes that the Naval Shipbuilding Plan re-affirms the Government’s commitment to invest $89 billion in naval capability across:

                                     (i)       12 Future submarines,

                                    (ii)       9 Future frigates,

                                  (iii)       12 offshore patrol vessels, and

                                  (iv)       up to 21 pacific patrol boats;

                (c)       notes that, through this shipbuilding plan, the Government will help create 5200 direct jobs in construction activities, and more than double this number in the supply chain and sustainment activities - over 15,000 personnel will ultimately be directly or indirectly employed in the naval shipbuilding enterprise;

               (d)       notes that four key enablers are required to implement the Government’s Naval Shipbuilding Plan:

                                     (i)       modern, innovative and secure naval shipbuilding infrastructure,

                                    (ii)       workforce growth and development,

                                  (iii)       a sustainable and cost-competitive Australian industrial base, and

                                  (iv)       a national collaborative approach;

                (e)       notes that a national naval shipbuilding enterprise is required to deliver on our national endeavour to build and sustain Australia’s naval capabilities, creating Australian jobs and opportunities for Australian industry;

                (f)       notes that stakeholders have raised the issue of local content and capability development throughout the Senate inquiry into the future of Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry;

                (g)       calls on the Government to ensure that prime contractors facilitate the integration of Australian businesses into global supply chains; and

               (h)       calls on the Government to use the Naval Shipbuilding College to work constructively with business, unions and communities to transition and, where necessary, re-train displaced auto workers and workers along the supply chain, including working with TAFEs around the country to provide skill development for Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry.

Question put and passed. All Australian Greens senators, by leave, recorded their votes for the noes.