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Government documents

Government documents

9.         Aged Care Complaints Commissioner—Report for 2016-17. [ Received 20 September 2017 ]

10.       Attorney-General’s Department—Report for 2016-17. [ Received 13 October 2017 ]

11.       Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC)—Report for 2016-17.

12.       Australian National Maritime Museum—Corporate plan 2017-21. [ Received 27 September 2017 ]

13.       Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)—Report for 2016-17.

14.       Classification Board and Classification Review Board—Reports for 2016-17.

   Crimes Act 1914 —Reports for 2016-17—

15.             Authorisations for the acquisition and use of assumed identities—Australian Crime Commission. [ Received 10 October 2017 ]

16.             Controlled operations. [ Received 9 October 2017 ]

17.       Department of Social Services— Report for 2016-17.

18.       Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet—Report for 2016-17, including reports of the Aboriginals Benefit Account, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Account and the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations. [ Received 29 September 2017 ]

19.       Final budget outcome 2016-17—Report by the Treasurer (Mr Morrison) and the Minister for Finance (Senator Cormann), dated September 2017.

20.       Food Standards Australia New Zealand—Report for 2016-17.

             Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM)—Reports, dated September 2017—

21.             No. 1—Review of Division 3A of Part IAA of the Crimes Act 1914 : Stop, search and seize powers.

22.             No. 2—Review of sections 119.2 and 119.3 of the Criminal Code: Declared areas.

23.             No. 3—Review of Divisions 104 and 105 of the Criminal Code (including the interoperability of Divisions 104 and 105A): Control orders and preventative detention orders.

24.       International Air Services Commission—Report for 2016-17.

25.       Medical Indemnity Act 2002 —Costs of the Australian Government’s run-off cover scheme for medical indemnity insurers—Report for 2015-16.

26.       Midwife Professional Indemnity (Commonwealth Contribution) Scheme Act 2010 —Costs of the Australian Government’s run-off cover scheme for midwife professional indemnity insurers—Report for 2015-16.

             Migration Act 1958 —Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—

Personal identifier 1000319-O, 1000525-O, 1000557-O, 1000633-O, 1000958-O1, 1001058-O, 1001246-O, 1001288-O1, 1001295-O, 1001306-O, 1001322-O, 1001339-O, 1001428-O1, 1001489-O, 1001676-O1, 1001921-O, 1001930-O, 1001934-O, 1001952-O, 1001981-O, 1002017-O, 1002156-O, 1002177-O, 1002205-O1, 1002218-O1, 1002359-O1, 1002364-O1, 1002366-O1, 1002380-O1, 1002384-O1, 1002386-O1, 1002460-O, 1002465-O, 1002470-O, 1002471-O, 1002476-O, 1002480-O, 1002482-O, 1002494-O, 1002495-O, 1002506-O, 1002510-O, 1002520-O, 1002522-O, 1002527-O, 1002528-O, 1002537-O, 1002563-O, 1002591-O, 1002678-O—

27.                    Commonwealth Ombudsman’s reports—Report no. 14 of 2017.

28.                    Government response to Ombudsman’s reports, dated 11 September 2017.

Personal identifier 1000437-O1, 1000441-O, 1000688-O, 1000689-O1, 1000819-O, 1000888-O, 1000893-O, 1000964-O1, 1001135-O, 1001181-O1, 1001272-O, 1001280-O, 1001412-O1, 1001502-O1, 1001639-O1, 1001653-O1, 1001659-O1, 1001675-O1, 1001678-O1, 1001873-O, 1002022-O, 1002101-O, 1002203-O1, 1002222-O1, 1002229-O1, 1002231-O1, 1002233-O1, 1002334-O1, 1002370-O1, 1002371-O1, 1002394-O1, 1002410-O1, 1002461-O, 1002466-O, 1002483-O, 1002486-O, 1002500-O, 1002509-O, 1002518-O, 1002529-O, 1002530-O, 1002534-O, 1002535-O, 1002538-O, 1002544-O, 1002545-O, 1002648-O, 1002694-O, 1002699-O—

29.                    Commonwealth Ombudsman’s reports—Report no. 15 of 2017.

30.                    Government response to Ombudsman’s reports, dated 11 September 2017.

31.       National Competition Council —Report for 2016-17.

32.       NBN Co Limited—Report for 2016-17. [ Received 22 September 2017 ]

33.       Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land Act 2015 —Report of registrations for 2016-17. [ Received 29 September 2017 ]

             Reserve Bank of Australia—Reports for 2016-17—

34.             Annual report.

35.             Equity and diversity.

36.             Payments System Board.

37.       Superannuation Complaints Tribunal—Report for 2016-17.

             Treaties— Bilateral —Text, together with national interest analysis—

38.             Agreement between Australia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on Extradition (Amman, 24 April 2017).

39.             Agreement between Australia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters (Amman, 24 April 2017).

40.             Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of Solomon Islands Concerning the Basis for Deployment of Police, Armed Forces and other Personnel to Solomon Islands (Canberra, 4 July 2017).

41.             Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of the Republic of Singapore concerning the Republic of Singapore Air Force Flying Training Institute Detachment at Royal Australian Air Force Base Pearce (Singapore, 21 August 2017).