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Order of the day read for the further consideration of the bill in committee of the whole.

In the committee

Consideration resumed of the bill—and of the amendment moved by Senator Waters:

 Schedule 1, page 8 (after line 4), after item 6, insert:

 6A After section 131AB



131AC Minister must be satisfied that owners and occupiers of land have consented etc.

  (1) This section applies to the taking of an action if a provision of Subdivision FB of Division 1 of Part 3 is a controlling provision for the action.

  (2) The Minister must not approve, for the purposes of the controlling provision, the taking of the action, unless the Minister is satisfied that any owner, and any occupier, of land that would be likely to be affected by the taking of the action:

 (a) has obtained independent legal advice; and

 (b) has obtained independent advice in relation to the likely impacts of the taking of the action; and

 (c) has freely given informed consent in relation to the taking of the action.

Debate ensued.

At 2 pm: The President resumed the chair and the Temporary Chair of Committees (Senator Bernardi) reported progress.