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The Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Workplace Relations (Senator Collins), at the request of the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence (Senator Feeney) and pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved government business notice of motion no. 5—That the Senate adopt the recommendation in the 54th report of the Standing Committee on Appropriations and Staffing to amend standing order 19.

Question put and passed.

Accordingly, standing order 19 was amended as follows:

 19 Appropriations and Staffing

 At the end of paragraph (3), add:

  (e) when conferring with a similar committee of the House of Representatives, consider the administration and funding of information and communications technology services for the Parliament, and advise the President and the Senate as appropriate.

 After paragraph (9), insert:

  (9A) For the purposes of paragraph (3)(e), the committee shall have power to confer with a similar committee of the House of Representatives.