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The Acting Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Conroy), by leave, moved—That the Senate—

 (a) acknowledges with great sadness the devastation occasioned by this summer's natural disasters including unprecedented floods, Cyclone Yasi and bushfires;

 (b) extends its deepest sympathies to the families of those who have lost loved ones;

 (c) records its profound regret at the impact of this summer's natural disasters on the economic and social well-being of affected communities;

 (d) records its admiration for the courage shown by so many in the face of these disasters;

 (e) acknowledges the enormous effort of defence personnel, emergency workers and so many volunteers in responding to these disasters; and

 (f) pledges the full support of the Australian Parliament and community to assist affected areas to recover and rebuild.

The motion was supported and all senators present stood in silence—

Question passed.