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The Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Haines): To move on the next day of sitting-

(a) That, where the place of a Senator who is a member of a particular political party becomes vacant before the expiration of the Senator's term of service, in the opinion of the Senate a person chosen to fill the vacant place in accordance with section 15 of the Constitution should be the member of the political party duly nominated by that party to fill that place; and

(b) that the Senate notes that the Victorian Cain Labor Government, following a long line of similar instances, accepted the Liberal Party's nominee to fill the casual vacancy left by the death of Senator Alan Missen, and deplores the threatened actions of Tasmanian Premier Gray in ignoring the spirit of the Constitution in this regard.

The Chairman of the Select Committee on Television Equalisation (Senator Richardson): To move on the next day of sitting-That the Select Committee on Television Equalisation have leave to meet during any sitting of the Senate on or before 23 March 1987.