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The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Publications (Senator Elstob) tabled the following Report:



The Publications Committee has the honour to report that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Joint Committee, having considered petitions and papers presented to Parliament since the last meeting of the Committee, and papers previously presented, recommends that the following be printed:

Atomic Energy Act-Australian Atomic Energy Commission-Annual Report (34th) 1985-86.

Australia-Japan Foundation Act-Australia-Japan Foundation-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Bicentennial Road Development Trust Fund Act-Australian Bicentennial Road Development Program-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Capital Territory Electricity Supply Act-A.C.T. Electricity Authority-Annual Report (23rd) 1985-86.

Australian Dried Fruits Corporation Act-Australian Dried Fruits Corporation-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Film Commission Act-Australian Film Commission-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Act-Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs Act-Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs-Annual Report (7th) 1985-86.

Australian Institute of Sport Act-Australian Institute of Sport-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Selection Committee Act-Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Selection Committee-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian National University Act-Australian National University-

Interim Annual Report of Council 1985 (Part 1).

Financial statements 1985 (Part 2).

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act-Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Wine Research Institute-Annual Report (32nd) 1985-86.

Coal Industry Act-Joint Coal Board-Annual Report (39th) 1985-86.

Commonwealth Accommodation and Catering Services Ltd-Annual Report 1985-86.

Commonwealth Fire Board-Annual Report 1985-86.

Commonwealth Grants Commission Act-Commonwealth Grants Commission-6th Report (1986) on Financial Assistance for the Northern Territory.

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Act-Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Commission-Annual Report (25th) 1985-86.

Criminology Research Act-

Australian Institute of Criminology-Annual Report 1985-86.

Criminology Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Dairy Produce Act-Australian Dairy Corporation-Annual Report 1985-86.

Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Act-Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Authority-Annual Report 1985-86.

Family Law Act-Family Law Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Fishing Industry Act-Annual Report 1985-86.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act-Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority-Annual Report 1985-86.

Health Insurance Commission Act-Health Insurance Commission-Annual Report (12th) 1985-86.

Housing Loans Insurance Act-Housing Loans Insurance Corporation-Annual Report (22nd) 1985-86.

Human Rights Commission Act-Human Rights Commission-

Report No. 22-Human rights, family migration, and disabled family members.

Report No. 23-Review of the ACT Adoption of Children Ordinance 1985.

Industries Assistance Commission-Reports-

Canned Fruit (Statutory Marketing and Interim Assistance Arrangements) (Interim), dated 30 January 1987 (No. 400).

Certain Petroleum Products-Taxation Measures, dated 5 November 1986 (No. 397).

Certain Uncoated Woodfree Papers from South Africa (Anti-Dumping), dated 15 December 1986 (No. 398).

Export Concessions, dated 16 January 1987 (No. 399).

Inter-State Commission Act-Inter-State Commission-Report on an investigation of the transport of bulk packaged salt, dated 17 November 1986.

Law Reform Commission Act-Law Reform Commission-Annual Report 1985-86.

Management and Investment Companies Act-Management and Investment Companies Licensing Board-Annual Report (3rd) 1985-86.

National Capital Development Commission Act-National Capital Development Commission-Annual Report (29th) 1985-86.

National Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Council, including a report on the operations of the Coal Research Assistance Act 1977-Annual Report (8th) 1985-86.

National Measurement Act-National Standards Commission-Annual Report 1985-86.

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Act-National Occupational Health and Safety Commission-Annual Report 1985-86.

National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act-Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service-Annual Report 1985-86.

Norfolk Island-Annual Report 1985-86.

Phosphate Mining Company of Christmas Island Limited-Annual Report 1985-86.

Pork Promotion Act-Pork Promotion Committee-Annual Report 1985-86.

Public Service Act-

Department of Health-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs-Review, including a report on the operation of the Adult Migrant Education Program, pursuant to the Immigration (Education) Act.

Department of Local Government and Administrative Services-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of the Parliamentary Library-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of the Special Minister of State-Annual Report 1985-86.

Remuneration Tribunals Act-Remuneration Tribunal-Annual Report 1985-86.

Rural Industries Research Act-

Australian Special Rural Research Council-Report for period 1 April to 30 June 1986.

Chicken Meat Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Cotton Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Dairy Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Oilseeds Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Pig Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Poultry Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Research Councils' Selection Committee-Annual Report 1985-86.

Tobacco Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Science and Industry Research Act-Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization-Annual Report 1985-86.

Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation Act-Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation-Annual Report (16th) 1985-86.

Superannuation Act-

Commissioner for Superannuation-Annual Report 1985-86 and Superannuation Fund Investment Trust-Annual Report 1985-86.

Additional Statement by the Auditor-General on the Superannuation Fund Investment Trust financial statements 1985-86, dated 4 December 1986.

War Graves Act-Office of Australian War Graves-Annual Report 1985-86.

Wheat Marketing Act-Australian Wheat Board-Annual Report 1985-86.


26 February 1987...Chairman

Senator Elstob, by leave, moved-That the Report be adopted.

Question put and passed.