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Senator Macklin: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes with regret the increasing politicisation of the Olympic Games;

(b) notes that the last 2 Olympic Games have been boycotted by a large number of nations, and that the capacity of the Olympic Games to improve relations and understanding among citizens of the world has thereby been seriously diminished;

(c) acknowledges that the key problem for the Olympics in this regard is the absence of a permanent politically neutral venue to hold the Olympics; and

(d) urges the Australian Government to work with the Greek Government to promote Athens, the site of the classic Olympics, as the permanent venue for all future Olympics from 1996-the 100th Anniversary of the revival of the modern Olympics.

Senator Michael Baume:

No. 1-To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes that the Australian Taxation Office forwarded its letter advising the Treasurer (Mr Keating) of his failure to lodge his taxation returns to 14 Fishburn Street, Red Hill, Australian Capital Territory, 2603, the address he apparently gave as his principal place of residence and his address for delivery of notices;

(b) notes that while the Treasurer has apparently now given his Canberra address as his principal place of residence, for purposes both of the Commonwealth Electoral Act and also the Income Tax Assessment Act, the Federal Government continues to accept that, for purposes of the Remuneration Tribunals Act, the Treasurer's principal place of residence is a Sydney property in which he has never resided and as such is presently unoccupied; and

(c) calls on the Government to abide by the interpretation of the principal place of residence introduced by the Fraser Government in September 1982, which is that used by Mr Keating in his taxation and electoral affairs, but which he has rejected in claiming $35 000 over 2 years in living away from home allowance for living in what, by his own admission, is his principal place of residence.

No. 2-To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes that the Leader of the Government (Senator Button) was unable on Friday, 5 December 1986, at Question Time, to advise the Senate how many of the 170 999 Australians, whose lodgement of tax returns last year resulted in additional penalty tax of $45.4m., had done no more than the Treasurer (Mr Keating), who failed to lodge his 1984-85 tax return until 16 months after the close of that financial year;

(b) further notes that these 170 999 Australians who failed to lodge their tax returns on time are in addition to the 37 000 taxpayers who were prosecuted in 1985 and fined a total of $11m. for failing to file a return at all-a totally different breach of the tax laws; and

(c) calls on the Minister to ensure that the Federal Government provides a speedy and fully informative response to Senator Michael Baume's Question without Notice on Friday, 5 December 1986, which asked ""How many of these 170 999 Australians were guilty of no greater an offence than the Treasurer who, unlike them, has escaped penalty tax altogether?''.