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The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Publications (Senator Elstob) tabled the following Report:



The Publications Committee has the honour to report that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Joint Committee, having considered petitions and papers presented to Parliament since the last meeting of the Committee, and papers previously presented, recommends that the following be printed:

Accounting Standards Review Board-Annual Report 1985-86.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act-Administrative Review Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Administrative Review Council-Review of the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977 (Stage One)-Report (No. 26) to the Attorney-General.

AIDS-Australia's Response-Report prepared by Margaret Duckett.

Albury-Wodonga Development Act-Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation-Annual Report 1985-86.

Aussat Pty Ltd-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australia-China Council-Annual Report 1984-85.

Australia Council Act-Australia Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Biological Resources Study Advisory Committee-Australian Biological Resources Study-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act-Australian Bureau of Statistics-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Federal Police Act-Australian Federal Police-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Film, Television and Radio School Act-Australian Film, Television and Radio School-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Institute of Marine Science Act-Australian Institute of Marine Science-Annual Report 1985-86.

Australian Science and Technology Council Act-Australian Science and Technology Council-Report on the Defence Science and Technology Organisation and National Objectives.

Australia's Population Trends and Prospects 1986-Report by the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, dated October 1986.

Automotive Industry Authority Act-Automotive Industry Authority-Annual Report 1985-86.

Broadcasting Act-

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal-Annual Report 1985-86.

Special Broadcasting Service-Annual Report (8th) 1985-86.

Commonwealth Electoral Act-Australian Electoral Commission-Annual Report 1985-86.

Commonwealth Grants Commission Act-Commonwealth Grants Commission-53rd Report (1986).

Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission Act-Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission-Review of Efficiency and Effectiveness in Higher Education.

Department of Community Services-Policy Co-ordination Unit-Annual Report 1985-86.

Director of Public Prosecutions Act-Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions-Annual Report 1985-86.

Dried Fruits Research Act and Rural Industries Research Act-Dried Fruits Research Committee and Dried Fruits Research Council-Annual Report.

Family Law Act-Australian Institute of Family Studies-Annual Report 1985-86.

Foreign Investment Review Board-Annual Report 1985-86.

High Court of Australia Act-High Court of Australia-Annual Report 1985-86.

Honey Industry Act-Australian Honey Board-Annual Report 1985-86.

Human Rights Commission Act-Human Rights Commission-Reports-

No. 18-The Human Rights of Australian-born Children whose Parents are Deported, dated 12 August 1986.

No. 19-Superannuation and Insurance and the Sex Discrimination Act 1984-(Part 1-Superannuation).

Industries Assistance Commission-Reports-Citrus Fruit (Interim Report), dated 10 October 1986 (No. 395).

Reconditioned Automotive Engines, dated 18 September 1986 (No. 394).

Rice Industry (Interim Report), dated 15 October 1986 (No. 396).

Industries Assistance Commission Act-Industries Assistance Commission-Annual Report 1985-86.

Law Reform Commission Act-Law Reform Commission-Report No. 32-Community Law Reform for the Australian Capital Territory (2nd Report).

National Debt Sinking Fund Act-National Debt Commission-Annual Report (63rd) 1985-86.

Ombudsman Act-Commonwealth Ombudsman-Annual Report (9th) 1985-86, together with Defence Force Ombudsman-Annual Report (3rd) 1985-86.

Papua New Guinea (Staffing Assistance) Act-Papua New Guinea Superannuation Scheme and Certain Other Schemes-Annual Report 1985-86 by the Commissioner for Superannuation on the General Administration and Operation of the Schemes.

Postal Services Act-Australian Postal Commission-Annual Report 1985-86.

Poultry Industry Assistance Act-Annual Report 1985-86.

Prices Surveillance Act-Prices Surveillance Authority-Annual Report (3rd) 1985-86.

Primary Industry Bank Act-Primary Industry Bank-Annual Report (8th) 1985-86.

Public Service Act-

Department of Arts, Heritage and Environment-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of Communications-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of Finance-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of Industry, Technology and Commerce-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of Primary Industry-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of Resources and Energy-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of Territories-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of the Treasury-Annual Report (8th) 1985-86.

Department of Trade-Annual Report 1985-86.

Department of Transport-Annual Report 1985-86.

Public Service Board-Annual Report 1985-86.

Rural Industries Research Act-

Grain Legumes Research Council-Annual Report for period 1 Feburary 1986 to 30 June 1986.

Honey Research Council-Annual Report 1985-86.

Snowy Mountains Council-Annual Report (28th) 1985-86.

Social Security Act-Department of Social Security-Annual Report 1985-86.

States and Northern Territory Grants (Rural Adjustment) Act-Rural Adjustment Scheme-Annual Report 1985-86.

States Grants (Tertiary Education Assistance) Act 1984-Report of Determinations made in 1985 in respect of the 1985-87 Triennium by the Minister for Education.

Taxation Statistics 1984-85-Volume 1.

United Nations General Assembly-Report of the Australian Delegation to the 40th Session, New York, 17 September to 18 December 1985.


27 November 1986...Chairman

Senator Elstob, by leave, moved-That the Report be adopted.

Question-put and passed.