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The President informed the Senate that, at 8.30 a.m. this day, 2 Senators each submitted letters in accordance with Standing Order 64-the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Chaney) proposing a motion to debate a matter of urgency and Senator Harradine proposing a matter of public importance.

To decide which letter should be submitted to the Senate, the matter was determined by lot.

In accordance with the result of that procedure, the President thereupon informed the Senate that Senator Harradine had proposed that a matter of public importance be submitted to the Senate for discussion, viz: ""The substantial loss in net disposable income suffered by male and female wage and salary earners with family responsibilities by comparison to other wage and salary earners at all levels under Federal and State Awards and the need for the Government to redress this situation as a necessary adjunct to a more realistic and just wages policy and to give a fair go for all families''.

And at least 4 Senators having risen in support of the proposed discussion-

The President called upon Senator Harradine to speak.

Discussion ensued.

Discussion concluded.

Pursuant to Sessional Order, consideration of Government Papers was called on.