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The President informed the Senate that at 8.30 a.m. this day, 2 Senators each submitted letters in accordance with Standing Order 64, Senators Jones and Parer, both proposing matters of public importance.

To decide which letter should be submitted to the Senate, the matter was determined by lot.

In accordance with the result of that procedure, the President informed the Senate that Senator Parer had proposed that a matter of public importance be submitted to the Senate for discussion, viz: ""The Government's broken promises and the continual failure of its inconsistent economic and industry policies which have caused uncertainty and confusion in the community leading to reductions in investment, employment and economic growth''.

And at least 4 Senators having risen in support of the proposed discussion-

The President called upon Senator Parer to speak.

Discussion ensued.

And the discussion having reached the limit of 2 hours allowed by Standing Order 64, the business of the day was called on.