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The Manager of Government Business (Senator Grimes) tabled the following Papers:

Australian Agricultural Council-Resolutions of 124th Meeting of Council, held in Adelaide, 30 July 1986.

Australian Fisheries Council-Resolutions of 16th Meeting of Council, held in Adelaide, 30 July 1986.

Better Health Commission-Final Report (Vol. 1)-Looking Forward to Better Health.

Statement by the Minister for Health.

Broadcasting and Television Act-Australian Broadcasting Tribunal-Remote Commercial Television Services-4th Report-Central Region, dated August 1986.

Child Support-A Discussion Paper on Child Maintenance, prepared by Cabinet Sub-Committee on Maintenance, dated October 1986.

Statement by the Minister for Social Security.

Insurance Act-Insurance Commissioner-Annual Report for year 1985-86, together with selected statistics on the General Insurance Industry, for year ended 31 December 1985.

Qantas Airways Limited-Annual Report 1985-86, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon.