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Senator Macklin, at the request of the Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Haines) moved-That the following matter be referred to the Standing Committee on Science, Technology and the Environment:

The treatment of food by irradiation in Australia and, in particular:

(a) the health and nutritional implications of food irradiation;

(b) the associated storage, transportation and disposal of nuclear materials;

(c) the environmental impact of food irradiation plants;

(d) the economics of food irradiation;

(e) the adequacy of current and proposed federal, state and local laws covering food irradiation and associated activities;

(f) the importation and exportation of irradiated food;

(g) the need for the training of staff involved; and

(h) food labelling,

and that in its report the Committee makes such recommendations as it considers appropriate for change in public policy and law.

Debate ensued.

Ordered-That the debate be adjourned till the next day of sitting, and that the Minister for Resources and Energy (Senator Evans) have leave to continue his speech on the resumption of the debate.