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Senator Powell: To move on the next day of sitting-That in the opinion of the Senate, the Federal Government is failing in its responsibility to take effective measures to reduce the level of poverty in Australia, and that the following measures should be taken as a matter of urgency to assist, in particular, families with dependent children to achieve a living standard which enables them to meet basic necessities of life and to provide opportunities to develop their capacities to a level where they are able to escape the cycle of poverty-

(a) lift all pensions and benefits to levels above the poverty line and index these in line with movements in consumer prices;

(b) increase child allowances for pensioners and unemployment beneficiaries to $22 per week and index this benefit;

(c) increase child allowances for lone parents to $22 per week and index this benefit;

(d) increase rental allowances for private renters to $20 per week plus $5 per week extra for each child;

(e) increase the Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme benefit to 120 per cent of the poverty line;

(f) provide paid re-training for unemployed people, particularly for low income earners with dependents;

(g) increase the ""free'' income limit for unemployment benefits to $80 to enable people to go into part-time employment and paid community work and to start their own enterprises; and

(h) remove taxation loopholes and negative gearing in company takeovers to gain the tax revenue needed for these reforms.