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The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Publications (Senator Elstob) tabled the following Report:



The Publications Committee has the honour to report that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Joint Committee, having considered petitions and papers presented to Parliament since the last meeting of the Committee, and papers previously presented, recommends that the following be printed.

Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act-Warlpiri Kukatja and Ngarti Land Claim-Report by the Aboriginal Land Commissioner.

Administrative Review Council-Report No. 25-Review of Migration Decisions.

Advance Australia Logo Protection Act-Advance Australia Foundation-Annual Report 1984-85.

Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations Act-Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations-Consultation and Co-ordination for Matters affecting Australian Local Government-Report 11.

Australian Apple and Pear Corporation Act-Australian Apple and Pear Corporation-Annual Report 1985.

Australian Postal Commission-Service and Business Review and Outlook, dated August 1986.

Australian Science and Technology Council Act-Australian Science and Technology Council-New Office Technology-Report by the Technological Change Committee, dated 18 July 1986.

Australian Telecommunications Commission-Service and Business Outlook for 1986-87.

Canberra College of Advanced Education Act-Canberra College of Advanced Education-Report of Council 1985.

Canned Fruits Marketing Act-Australian Canned Fruits Corporation-Annual Report 1985.

Commonwealth Electoral Act-Australian Electoral Commission-Elections 1984-Report (Final) on Election funding and financial disclosure, dated 30 June 1986.

Commonwealth Grants Commission Act-Commonwealth Grants Commission-2nd Report (1986) on financing the Australian Capital Territory.

Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme-Report on long-term costs by the Australian Government Actuary, dated 22 May 1986.

Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission Act-Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission-Report for 1985-87 Triennium-Technical and Further Education Council-Supplementary Advice for 1987, dated 14 March 1986.

Department of Local Government and Administrative Services-Annual Report 1984-85.

Department of the Senate-Annual Report 1985-86, pursuant to the Public Service Act, together with Annual Report 1985-86 of the Standing Committee on Appropriations and Staffing, pursuant to Resolutions of the Senate.

Export Expansion Grants Act and Australian Trade Commission (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Act-Export Development Grants Board-Final Report for period 1 July 1985 to 5 January 1986.

Industries Assistance Commission-Reports-

Aluminised Steel for Use in Muffler Components and Exhaust Systems (Concessional Arrangements), dated 28 May 1986 (No. 389).

Certain Aircraft Parts and Servicing Equipment (Concessional Arrangements), dated 17 June 1986 (No. 392).

Certain Fluorescent Lamps (Tubes) from the Federal Republic of Germany and Canada (Anti-Dumping), dated 21 April 1986 (No. 383).

Certain Knife Blades and Cutlery Blanks (Concessional Arrangements), dated 28 May 1986 (No. 388).

Chemicals and Plastics Industries, dated 30 May 1986 (No. 390)-

Vol. 1-

Part I-Overview and Recommendations.

Part II-Report.

Vol. 2-Part III-Appendices.

Tariff Harmonization Schedule.

Crop and Rainfall Insurance, dated 20 June 1986 (No. 393).

Cultivation Machinery, dated 16 June 1986 (No. 391).

Harmonization of the Customs Tariff (3 vols), dated 14 February 1986 (No. 381).

Outboard Engines, dated 20 May 1986 (No. 387).

Power Electronics Industry (2 vols), dated 13 February 1986 (No. 380).

Textile, Clothing and Footwear Industries (3 vols), dated 19 May 1986 (No. 386).

Maritime College Act-Australian Maritime College-Annual Report of Council 1985.

National Committee on Discrimination in Employment and Occupation-12th Report, for 1984-85.

Official Establishments Trust-Annual Report 1984-85.

Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry-

Special Report, dated 5 August 1986 which covers the effect of Mr Justice Murphy's illness upon the Commission's proceedings.

Further Special Report, dated 19 August 1986 which deals with the publication by the Commission of reasons for its ruling, given on 5 August 1986, on the meaning of "misbehaviour' for the purposes of section 72 of the Constitution.

Ruling on Meaning of "Misbehaviour' re The Honourable Mr Justice L. K. Murphy-Reasons of-

The Honourable Sir George Lush.

The Honourable Sir Richard Blackburn OBE.

The Honourable Andrew Wells, QC.

Phosphate Mining Company of Christmas Island Limited-Annual Report 1984-85.

Remuneration Tribunals Act-Remuneration Tribunal-1986 Review-

Determinations 1986-

No. 6-Ministers of State.

No. 7-Office Holders of the Parliament.

No. 8-Members of the Parliament.

No. 9-Parliamentary Secretaries to Ministers of State.

No. 10-Travelling Allowance within Australia-Ministers and others.

No. 11-Entitlements of Members of the Parliament.

No. 12-Secretaries of Departments and Holders of Public Office.

No. 13-Members of Aboriginal Land Councils.

No. 14-Members of the Australian Capital Territory House of Assembly.

No. 15-Members of the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly.

Index to Determination No. 12 of 1986.

Reports 1986-

No. 1-Ministers of State.

No. 2-Judges.

No. 3-President and Members of the Inter-State Commission.

Reseve Bank Act-Annual Report 1985-86 of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Services Trust Funds Act-

Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund-Annual Report 1985.

Royal Australian Navy Relief Trust Fund-Annual Report 1985.

Services Canteens Trust Fund-Annual Report 1985.



22 August 1986.

Senator Elstob, by leave, moved-That the Report be adopted.

Question-put and passed.