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The Manager of Government Business (Senator Grimes) tabled the following Papers:

Asian and Pacific Labour Ministers-Report of 10th Conference, held in Melbourne, 1-4 October 1985.

Commonwealth Schools Commission-Report on Commonwealth programs and policy development for schools, dated 28 April 1986.

Industries Assistance Commission-Report on Luggage, Handbags and Similar Containers, dated 5 May 1986 (No. 385).

International Labour Organisation-International Labour Conference-

Conventions of 71st Session (1985)-

No. 160-Labour Statistics.

No. 161-Occupational Health Services.

Recommendations of 71st Session (1985)-

No. 170-Labour Statistics.

No. 171-Occupational Health Services.

Report of the Australian Delegation to the 70th Session, Geneva, 6-26 June 1984.

Statement by the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations relating to the Papers.

Local Government (Personal Income Tax Sharing) Act-Commonwealth Financial Assistance to Local Government-Western Australian Local Government Grants Commission-Annual Report (8th) 1985.

Marketing Rural Produce-Statement by the Minister for Primary Industry on the Government's policies.

States Grants (Schools Assistance) Act 1983-Report on financial assistance granted to each State, 1984, by the Minister for Education.