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Senator Sanders: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate- (a) notes that the Hifar Nuclear Reactor at Lucas Heights near Sydney has the potential to cause a nuclear disaster affecting the lives of thousands of people;

(b) notes that graphite was a contributing factor in the Windscale nuclear disaster of 1957 and in the recent Chernobyl tragedy, and that the Senior Vice-President of the nuclear power plant firm Stone and Webster (Mr James Landis), stated that the Chernobyl accident is the worst kind of nuclear accident and that any reactor that uses or contains graphite is susceptible; and

(c) urges that the Hifar Nuclear Reactor be immediately closed and dismantled because:

(i) the 28 year-old reactor is one of the oldest still operating anywhere in the world,

(ii) the reactor design is completely outdated,

(iii) serious problems involving the loss of cooling water have occurred in the past, and

(iv) the reactor is surrounded by a 2 foot thick blanket of graphite.

Senator Michael Baume: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes with concern the incorrect claim by the Minister for Finance (Senator Walsh) to the Senate on 5 May 1986 that employment in the restaurant industry had increased despite the Federal Government's tax measures when, in fact, the latest official statistics show a clear and incontestable fall in such employment;

(b) notes that the latest labour force figures for February 1986, which Senator Walsh deliberately ignored when referring only to statistics for December 1985, show a fall of 800 in employment in the category which includes not only the struggling restaurant industry, but also the rapidly expanding hotel and accommodation industry which is benefiting from the increase in foreign tourists that has resulted from the collapse of the Australian dollar;

(c) notes that the December 1985 figures that Senator Walsh misused (and which the Commonwealth Statistician says are both lagged and not as reliable in the area of small business employment such as restaurants, as with larger businesses), also include the expanding personal services category where employment has risen by 5 000 since August 1985, according to the latest labour force statistics;

(d) regrets that Senator Walsh failed to tell the Senate that the figures he misused included the normal seasonal increase for the Christmas period but were not seasonally adjusted and also omitted to mention that official labour force statistics for February 1986 for the restaurants, hotels and clubs category showed a more up-to-date trend that totally destroyed his argument;

(e) notes that the February 1986 statistics (also not seasonally adjusted and including the expanding hotel sector) showed a slight fall in employment, clearly indicating a much larger drop in employment in restaurants, as totally different jobs in hotels and accommodation increased within this category; and

(f) calls on Senator Walsh to cease his constant practice of misleading the Senate by misusing and misrepresenting official statistics.