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Senator Harradine, by leave, gave a Contingent Notice of Motion, as follows: To move (contingent on the Sex Discrimination (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1986 being read a second time)-That so much of the Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent Senator Harradine moving the following amendments to the Bill to provide for the insertion in the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 of new sections:

(1) Page 1, after clause 1, insert the following new clause:

""1A. The Principal Act is amended by adding after section 43 the following section:

Conscientious objection

"43A. (1) Nothing in Division 1 or 2 renders it unlawful for a person to decline to perform or participate in the performance of any act the performance of which would be contrary to genuinely held conscientious beliefs of that person.

"(2) In sub-section (1), "conscientious beliefs' means any conscientious beliefs, whether the grounds for the beliefs are or are not of a religious character and whether the beliefs are or are not part of the doctrine of any religion.

"(3) For the purposes of sub-section (1), the performance of an act shall be taken to be contrary to the conscientious beliefs of a person if, and only if, that person has a deeply held conviction that the performance of that act would be morally wrong, and that that person is morally obliged not to perform that act regardless of any considerations of personal advantage or disadvantage to that person or other persons.'.''.

(2) Page 1, after new clause 1A, insert the following new clause:

""1B. The Principal Act is amended by inserting after Section 43A the following section:

Weights to be lifted by females

"43B. Nothing in Division 1 or 2 affects anything done by a person in direct compliance with a provision of a law of a State or Territory which provides that female employees may not be required to lift objects having a mass greater than a specified mass.'.''.