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Notices of Motion:

Senator Vigor: To move on Wednesday, 19 March 1986-That leave be given to introduce a Bill for an Act to amend the Judiciary Act 1903 to facilitate the bringing of class actions.

The Minister for Education (Senator Ryan), at the request of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs (Senator Gietzelt): To move on the next day of sitting-That, in accordance with section 5 of the Parliament Act 1974, the Senate approves the following proposal contained in the report of the Joint Standing Committee on the New Parliament House presented to the Senate on 12 March 1986, namely:

The construction of carpark lighting at Section 21, Parkes, adjacent to the Administrative Building.

The Chairman of the Select Committee on the Human Embryo Experimentation Bill 1985 (Senator Tate): To move on the next day of sitting-That the time for presentation of the Report of the Select Committee on the Human Embryo Experimentation Bill 1985 be extended to 5 June 1986.

Senator Michael Baume: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate, noting that-

(a) the February 1986 balance of payments figures have revealed a collapse in Australia's mineral fuel export income and a sharp fall in motor vehicle imports;

(b) the losses in Government revenue involved in lower oil levies and taxes arising both from reduced exports and the closure of the Kingfish A ""old oil'' production platform (with BHP forecasting an export cut of 80 000 barrels a day from Bass Strait alone), could total $1.5 billion; and

(c) the loss in Government revenue arising from lower collections of sales taxes and import duties on motor vehicles, indicated by reduced imports and sales so far in 1986 could total $1 billion to $2 billion a year,

calls on the Federal Government to-

(a) introduce a mini-budget to resolve as quickly as possible the increasing uncertainty over the economy emerging not only from the leaked Cabinet submission which revealed that the economy was in such a ""critical stage'' that the only option was to cut spending by $1.4 billion; and

(b) end speculation over the fate of the tax cuts promised for later this year by either giving an unequivocal assurance that they will proceed or immediately admit that the Government's economic mismanagement has forced their cancellation.

Senator Jones: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes with alarm a statement made in the Queensland Parliament on 13 March 1986 by the State Attorney General (Mr Harper) that the Queensland Government might take legal action to prevent what he described as the Federal Government interfering with its electoral legislation;

(b) notes that Mr Harper stated that the Queensland Government would not stand idly by and allow the Federal Government to amend the Constitution;

(c) condemns the threats made by Mr Harper on behalf of the Queensland National Party Government which, by virtue of its latest outrageous gerrymander, can retain office by attracting a mere 35 per cent of the vote; and

(d) urges the Federal Government to take all steps available to it to restore electoral democracy in Queensland through a fair and honest system based on the principle of one vote one value.

Senator Reynolds: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate records its strong disapproval of the Queensland Government's environmental policy for failing to-

(a) give an assurance to not revoke National Parks, particularly in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park;

(b) participate in the joint funded Rare and Endangered Species Program; and

(c) increase the allocation of funds for the further extension of National Parks in the State.

Notices of Motion withdrawn: The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances (Senator Cooney), in accordance with notice of intention given on 13 March 1986, withdrew Business of the Senate, Notices of Motion Nos 1 and 3 standing in his name for 7 sitting days hence, for the disallowance of the Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation Orders Nos MQ 14, MQ 15 and MQ 16 of 1985 and the Commonwealth Employees (Redeployment and Retirement) Regulations (Amendment).