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The Minister for Resources and Energy (Senator Evans) tabled the following Papers:

Attorney-General's Department-Annual Report 1984-85, together with the Annual Report (3rd) 1984-85 of the Office of Parliamentary Counsel, pursuant to the Parliamentary Counsel Act 1970.

Australian Manufacturing Council-Annual Report 1984-85.

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act-Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation-Annual Report (4th) 1984-85, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon.

Director of Public Prosecutions Act-Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions-Annual Report 1984-85.

Management and Investment Companies Act-Management and Investment Companies Licensing Board-Annual Report (2nd) 1984-85.

National Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Council-Annual Report (7th) 1984-85.

Remuneration Tribunals Act-Academic Salaries Tribunal-Report on Salaries of Vice Chancellors and Deputy Vice Chancellors of Universities, and Principals and Deputy Principals of Colleges of Advanced Education, dated 22 November 1985.