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Senator Lewis: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate draws attention to the Federal Government's maladministration of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and-

(a) condemns the Federal Government for:

(i) its failure to consult the people of the ACT in its deliberations on the system and machinery of self-government of the ACT, whether by utilisation of members of the current ACT House of Assembly or by any other means,

(ii) its repeated demonstrations that militant industrial action will succeed ahead of moderation thereby encouraging widespread militant industrial disputation in the ACT,

(iii) its precipitate disbanding of the Capital Territory Health Commission at a time of crisis and before properly determining the nature of the bureaucracy that the new authority would inherit,

(iv) its failure to ensure that the National Capital Development Commission planning is sensitive to the needs and desires of the people of the ACT and failure to provide the Commission with adequate direction to ensure that proper consideration was given to community representations,

(v) its disgraceful administration of the ACT Housing Loans Scheme,

(vi) its failure to provide adequate and stable hospital services and to reduce the delays for patients awaiting surgery and casualty treatment,

(vii) its failure adequately to assess and meet the needs of the frail aged in need of nursing home accommodation,

(viii) allowing the ACT Trades and Labour Council to dictate what secondary schools will be built and where,

(ix) its failure to provide adequate long term parking in the Civic area,

(x) its failure adequately to fund the ACT Schools Authority,

(xi) its failure to rectify the potentially dangerous underground petrol pollution in the Civic area,

(xii) its failure to provide adequate mental health facilities in the ACT,

(xiii) its failure to replace obsolete or worn out vehicles and equipment in both the ACT section of the Australian Federal Police and the ACT Fire Brigade,

(xiv) its failure to encourage private enterprise to provide low cost housing for rental to the homeless and low income families, and

(xv) its failure to resolve with the New South Wales Government the problems of parole and remission of ACT prisoners; and

(b) calls on the Federal Government to:

(i) provide adequate machinery for the rapid resolution of industrial disputation in the ACT,

(ii) provide financial impact statements on all proposed changes in administrative or other Government arrangements affecting the ACT before implementation so that there may be informed debate, and

(iii) encourage greater non-Government participation in Canberra development projects by clear demonstration that such investment is welcome and does not have to overcome favoured treatment to semi-Government authorities.

Senator Peter Baume: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate condemns the Australian Labor Party for-

(a) generating fear and uncertainty in Australia's aged community by breaking specific election promises not to introduce an assets test on pensions, not to expand the income test on pensions and not to tax lump sum superannuation benefits; and

(b) breaking its promise to the aged to raise the pension to 25 per cent of average weekly earnings, and

urges the Federal Government not to reduce the pension of more pensioners by removing the income averaging provisions of the income test.

Senator Boswell: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) condemns the Australian Labor Party (ALP) for its campaign of misinformation about Queensland voting patterns;

(b) notes the fact that the National Party recorded 38.9 per cent of the vote in the last Queensland State election when it contested 71 of the 82 seats;

(c) notes that, on this percentage, had the National Party stood in all 82 seats in the last Queensland State election it would have obtained approximately 44.3 per cent of the vote;

(d) notes that the combined vote of the National and Liberal Parties was 53 per cent which gives the conservative vote a clear majority over the socialists who obtained 44.1 per cent of the vote;

(e) notes that the independent Electoral Commissioner of Australia, Professor Colin Hughes, is on record as saying that he could see no evidence of a gerrymander in Queensland;

(f) informs the ALP that when they get 50.1 per cent of the vote in 50.1 per cent of the seats they will win Government in Queensland; and

(g) notes that this occurrence is extremely unlikely as the ALP has not recorded more than 45 per cent of the vote in a Queensland State election in the past 25 years.

Senator Reid: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes the unsatisfactory situation regarding nursing home accommodation in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), to wit, the 181 elderly people who have been assessed but cannot be accommodated, are on a waiting list; and

(b) requests the Federal Government to:

(i) review the formula as stated in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. S195, dated 30 May 1984, Part III-6 and Part III-8(g),

(ii) make known the composition of the Federal/ACT Co-ordinating Committee, and

(iii) introduce post-graduate courses for geriatric nursing.

Senator Michael Baume: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes with concern that the balance of payments current account deficit for the 7 months to January 1986 now totals a record $8.4 billion or an annual rate of $14.4 billion;

(b) recalls that the Federal Government's original Budget target for the 1986 current account deficit was $10.7 billion which was eventually revised late in 1985 following Senator Michael Baume's repeated requests in the Senate to $11.25 billion, despite continual claims from the Treasurer (Mr Keating) and his representative in the Senate, Senator Walsh, that the deficit was ""on track'';

(c) notes that the January 1986 deficit of $944m was, despite the benefit of temporary factors that are unlikely to persist, including a 70 per cent jump in cereal exports in January 1986 to $501m (apparently reflecting the Soviet Union's wheat purchase announced in December 1985), the ""seasonality'' factor of $241m which converted a January 1986 trade surplus of $14m into a seasonally adjusted deficit of $227m or roughly in line with the 7 month average so far in 1985-86, the record but temporary level of oil exports which exceeded imports for the first time so far this year, but which will from now on suffer from both the collapse in oil prices and fall in production, and the worsening terms of trade and dumping of rural surpluses by the European Community and the United States that are damaging our export prospects; so clearly refuting the Treasurer's claim that the effects of devaluation are now having a positive impact on Australia's balance of payments;

(d) considers that the Federal Government's revised deficit target cannot be met as it would involve monthly deficits for the next 5 months being more than halved from an average $1.2 billion to only $550m; and

(e) calls on the Federal Government to release the latest official advice it has received from the Joint Economic Forecasting Group which, according to the press, indicates a likely current account deficit of more than $12 billion-representing a massive blow-out of about $2 billion-in order that Australia's financial markets will be properly informed rather than having to rely on press leaks of internal Government documents.