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Notices of Motion:

Senator Peter Baume: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) having regard to the large extent of unmet social need in Australia and the essential role played by non-Government welfare agencies in responding to that need; and

(b) noting that any diversion of funds from charities by way of taxation will lessen the capacity of welfare bodies to perform their function,

urges the Federal Government not to include in any tax on fringe benefits the voluntary welfare agencies of Australia.

Senator MacGibbon: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate condemns the Hawke Labor Government for its neglect and contempt for rural Australia by failing-

(a) to control the huge increase in costs borne by rural producers as a result of their economic policies;

(b) to be honest and apply its policy of world parity pricing on fuel, thereby passing on the benefits of lower prices to rural producers;

(c) despite repeated warnings from the United States (US) State Department over the last 12 months, to influence the US in the introduction of their Farm Support Bill which provides a subsidy of US $52 billion over the next 3 years for US farmers to over-produce food which will be dumped on Australia's export markets; and

(d) to take any effective action after the passage of the aforesaid Farm Support Bill to influence the application of the Bill by the US Administration so as to protect the interests of Australian rural producers.

Senator Kilgariff: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate, in view of the-

(a) concern of motorists and tour operators using the road between Ayers Rock and the Olgas, at the often extremely poor and hazardous condition of the road;

(b) substantial traffic which is being carried by the road; and

(c) fact that the road is in the Uluru National Park, over which the Commonwealth retains control and for which it therefore should accept some responsibility,

calls on the Federal Government to seal and maintain the road so that it is safe for the many tens of thousands of people who use it each year.

Senator Michael Baume: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate-

(a) notes with concern the admission of the Minister for Primary Industry (Mr Kerin) that about 50 per cent of Australian farmers are facing serious difficulties;

(b) agrees with the Minister for Primary Industry that the farm sector will be further hit in 1987 by the United States Farm Act;

(c) calls on the Federal Government to accept the advice from its own Director of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Dr Stoeckel, to change its rural policies because ""in the absence of alleviating policy initiatives, the farm sector is confronted by severe financial stress'', along with industries supplying it and country towns; and

(d) requires the Government to repudiate the claim by the Minister for Primary Industry that protests by farmers at the state of rural industries have more to do with politics than a farm crisis.

Contingent Notice of Motion: The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Chaney): To move (contingent on the moving of a motion to debate a matter of urgency under Standing Order 64)-That so much of the Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent Senator Chaney moving an amendment to the motion.